$1000 - $3000 DRES Scholarship Awards

October 22, 2019


 Your opportunity to share your success is now. DRES scholarship opportunities are now available through the Financial Aid Academic Works Website. The deadline for our DRES scholarships and additional supporting documents is Monday, December 23, 2019. 

To review eligibility criteria and apply, please visit each scholarship below:

DRES Scholarships
$1000 - $3000 Scholarship Awards

DRES Jane Small Scholarship for Advocates for People with Disabilities
$1000 Scholarship Awards

Choksi Family Scholarship Endowment for Disability Resources and Educational Services
$1000 Scholarship Award

If you have questions about the requirements or the process of applying for these scholarships, please stop by DRES at BH 110, email or call us at 818-677-2684.