Dream Center

DREAM Center: Undocumented Student Week of Action — Family Petitions: Getting lawful status for your family

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

DREAM Center: Undocumented Student Week of Action

Join the DREAM Center for a week
-long campaign celebrating the resiliency of our undocumented, DACAmented, and mixed-status student communities. Throughout the week, Matadors will be able to share creative space while building community through our workshops, installations, and events. Matadors will get the opportunity to empower themselves by exploring artistic, legal, and educational elements throughout this week of action!

The Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) will be providing information on family-based immigration petitions directed towards acquiring lawful status for family members.

Do you need interpretation for this event? If so, please fill out the Interpreting Services Request Form five days prior to the event.