Dream Center

DREAM Center: Coffee Talks — Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles

Friday, November 5, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Via Zoom
DREAM Center Coffee Talks

Join the conversation this fall at Coffee Talks presented by the DREAM Center of the University Student Union. This brave and welcoming safe space is designed to give you the opportunity to come together with fellow immigrant communities to experience valuable conversations about issues that are important to us all. As we dive into meaningful topics like intersectionality, leadership and affirmations (as well as some light-hearted topics such as making pizza and telling spooky stories), we will check in with one another, discuss how our communities can be supported and enjoy a fun afternoon together! You’ll even be entered in a giveaway just for joining us.

In this week's Coffee Talk, we talk about gender roles and machismo and how cissexism hurts both sides. We’ll address common gender role stereotypes and how we can change the stigma. In addition to LGBTQIA+ acknowledgement month, it is also pizza month, and we will be sharing many recipes we know on how to make pizza while addressing machismo. One common gender role is that women do the cooking, so today we will learn that anyone can cook! 

We’ll see you there, Matadors!