Center for Digital Humanities

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The 4Humanities@CSUN Logo
The 4Humanities student group at CSUN is looking for students interested in learning about the Digitial Humanities or participating in Digital Humanities research. For further information, contact the 4Humanities@CSUN president, Joyce Brummet.
The Daily Doo Wop
CSUN Alumna Jane Minogue has built The Daily Doo Wop, a website that creates a time machine to the past through songs dating from 1952 to the British Invasion in 1964.
WhatEvery1Says Summer Research Camp at work in the lab
CSUN hosted the WhatEvery1Says Summer Research camp in July 2018. More information can be found at

Featured Projects

Screenshot of the Lexos text analysis tool
Lexomics uses computational text analysis to study literature and produces the Lexos text analysis tool.
Image of eighteenth-century book
Digitizing the Enlightenment combines digital humanities initiatives with faculty-student-community research and its relationship to the broader field of the public humanities.