Development Training

HR Insights: Conducting a Successful Employee Search

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:45am

Extended University Commons Building, Room 101


Facilitated By:

Mika Williamson, Director of Recruitment Services & Compensation


It is now more important than ever to be efficient and effective in the recruitment process.  And in today's environment, that’s complicated by the fact that interview-savvy job candidates have learned how to ace interviews and make themselves sound like Super Stars ... even when they're not.  Through this session, you will learn interviewing methods that maximize the flow and quality of candidate information so you can improve your quality-of-hire.

We will:
Discuss job success factors and how to develop behavioral questions that get candidates to open up and and talk more freely with you;
Analyze traditional interview questions to determine if they're actually helping or hurting your hiring process; and 
Explore more effective methods for gathering critical information, beyond standard skill-assessment, to identify candidates who will best help your organization achieve your goals.

Employees for Success

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