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CSU's Got Talent | What High-Performance Teams Know: The Meetings that Make or Break an Organization

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 10:00am to 11:00am



Facilitated By:

Elise Keith, Author, Founder & CEO, Lucid Meetings


In this webcast, Elise Keith, Meeting Maven, Author, and Founder and CEO of Lucid Meetings will share “What High-Performance Teams Know: The MEETINGS That Make or Break an Organization.” 

Businesses run on meetings. They are the focal point of a team's energy and a primary driver of progress. That's why unproductive and unsuccessful meetings can sap the energy from a workplace and cause problems across the business.

The good news? Change your meetings and you change everything. Elise Keith has a 3-step approach to implementing a system that will make your meetings more productive, more joyful and more successful. She encourages us to: 1) Banish bad meetings. 2) Adopt a meeting operating system. 3) Learn from the best and play to win. Learn actionable strategies for improving your meetings right away!

Employees for Success

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