Professional Development

StAMP - Mentors

Funded by a Campus Quality Fee, the Student Assistant Mentorship Program (StAMP) aims to enhance the student employment experience on campus. StAMP provides resources for staff and faculty that work with student assistants on campus.

Your role as a supervisor and mentor is crucial to student assistants' personal and professional development. Even a modest amount of time can make a difference in the lives of student employees. Familiarize yourself with the contents of the StAMP booklet or website, use the resources in the Mentor Toolbox, and follow these three steps to help your Student Assistant have a successful employment experience.

Create a Mentorship Plan

Use the Expectation Check-in Exercise to clarify expectations before starting to work with one another. Decide upon activities that best fit your time, department/project needs, and student interests.

Activity Ideas:

  • Rotate assignments (if possible) so student are able to tr out different tasks.
  • Introduce students to budgeting, preparing reports, and planning a meeting agenda.
  • Invite students to attnend meetings, presentations or department events.


Communicate Goals

Use the Mentorship Check-In Exercise as a tool to keep everyone focused on mentorship goals for the project, semester or year.

Get Started:

  • Use the Check-In Exercise in the middle of the project/semester. Schedule at least one meeting to discuss the exercise.
  • Ask Student Assistants about their experiences at CSUN and their interests.


As a project ends or a student assistant moves on to a new position, remember to take time to reflect on goals and connect students with additional people on campus.


  • Provides students with a sample job description for their position, including keywords, quantifying their accomplishments and prioritizing information.
  • A post mentorship exercise provides insight as to what is working and what you can do in the future to help CSUN students rise.