Professional Development

HR Just In Time Training

The Professional Development Program is prepared to provide many seminars to either your department or your work group.  Frequently requested topics include:

  • Documentation

    • Learn how to effectively transcribe your verbal coaching, counseling or disciplinary conversations, creating proper documentation.
  • Finding the Right Fit - How to Conduct an Effective Interview

    • We'll discuss job success factors and how to develop behavioral questions for the interview process to determine which candidates possess the best "fit" for any given job.
  • Communicating Cooperatively at Work

    • Cooperation among individuals and between teams is essential to promoting both productivity and job satisfaction. We'll cover specific steps for producing the clear communications and respectful relationships required to get these results.
  • Dealing with Difficult People

    • Offers an alternative view of "difficult people" and insightful strategies to better cope with their behavior, increase cooperation and improve team productivity.
  • Managing Your Time, Managing Multiple Priorities

    • Content includes: planning your day; prioritizing tasks; identifying time wasters, and organization tips.
  • Respect in the Workplace

    • A healthy work environment promotes mutual respect. Content includes: recognizing characteristics of respectful workplace and establishing them; and, responding appropriately to disruptive behavior.
  • Team Building

    • We'll cover the stages and challenges of team building, analyzing the different personality and communication styles and their impact on the team; recognizing the common goals that the team is working toward, and building unity with the other members in the group.
  • Unlocking the Secret of How to Be the Consummate Professional: Workplace Etiquette

    • Content includes: Learning the rules of proper etiquette; practicing professionalism; e-mail do's and don'ts; proper meeting etiquette; and, dressing for success.
  • Valuing Diversity

    • Information and Experiential games raise awareness of the many aspects of diversity encountered in the workplace.

If you are interested in having one of the workshops listed above facilitated for your department or work group, please call Frank W. Stranzl, Associate Director of Professional Development at extension 7421.