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Community Night -What a HUGE Success!

BIG APPLAUSE to Parent Mentors Cora Shahid and Kristal Molina for hosting a free Community Night on January 23rd 2013 in San Diego. The turnout made it clear that there is a need for this type of Family Resource Fair!!!! We will also host one in Los Angeles sometime later this year.

Community Night was a unique opportunity for our entire community! Local families with DHH children of all ages, ranging from 6 weeks of age to college bound, Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults, College students, and members of the community were in attendance. About 255 people showed up!! To ensure everyone had equal access, ASL and Spanish interpreters, AND real-time captioning, were available.

We were grateful that so many organizations and agencies who wanted to participate and share their resources with local DHH Families! We had the following vendors represented: DEAF Project and Parent Links (that’s US!!), Lions Camp, ASL Rocks, ASDC, California Hands and Voices, DHH Family Camp, RIT, HLAA, CSDR, Hamilton Relay, Interpret San Diego, E5, Convo, Sign Bee, A Marriage and Family Therapist from NCDA, Boy Scouts, The Rock Church, ALL for Deaf children, Cochlear Americas, UCSD, Say it in Sign, John Tracy Clinic, Oticon, Disability Rights California, AT&T Relay, Clip Interpreting, Rady’s Children’s Hospital, Fun and Function, Gallaudet, DCS, Advanced Bionics, NIS, Sorenson and the HCC Loma Linda and we had 2 local deaf teens selling hearing aid/implant jewelry and sock puppets.

Door prizes were overflowing! The door prizes were all donated by vendors and other supporters to be given away throughout the evening. People won ceramic hand painted bowls, DVD’s, books, tickets to Balboa Museums and Wild Animal Park, Gift Certificates and more.

We had 3 presentations: two presentations from Teachers of the Deaf shared wisdom and encouragement from their life as deaf people, and a CODA who shared her experience and then opened up the floor for questions from parents.

The entertainment was powerful and got us on our feet! The line-up included a local DHH Hip Hop group, Poetry, Story time, and ASL Rocks. The Deaf Soccer team in San Diego surprised us that night too! The event was wrapped up with a special Contortion performance from Dakota Ronco.

If you would like to be involved in our next Community Night, please contact Cora Shahid.



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