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Order Transcripts Online


Current CSUN students and alumni can order official CSUN electronic or paper transcripts online from our partnering vendor Parchment Transcript Services. You may also request paper transcripts directly from CSUN by mail or in person. For transcript ordering and delivery options, as well as transcript fees, visit CSUN's Order Transcripts Info page.

Getting started...

  1. Create a Parchment account based on your situation:
  1. Have your credit or debit card ready to complete your online order. In addition to the transcript fee, a $2.35 handling fee per transcript is charged for online orders.
  2. After ordering online, you'll receive an email each time your order status changes. You can track your order with Parchment in real time.
  3. Receive shipping confirmations by email and a tracking number to check delivery for orders sent via FedEx.

Go to Step 6 for Parchment chat and support.

Steps to order official CSUN transcripts online

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.

Review the steps below to access your unofficial CSUN transcript and/or order your official CSUN transcripts through the CSUN Portal and/or your Parchment account.

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Open the MyCSUN menu in the top navigation.
  2. Select the CSUN Portal link.
  3. Log in with your CSUN user ID and password.

 MyCSUN menu on new home page with CSUN Portal login link

Step 2

Your CSUN Portal home page displays.

  1. In the top navigation tabs, select the Academics menu.
  2. Under Academics, select the Advising & Degree Planning link.

CSUN Portal home page with top navigation Academics menu and links

Step 2a

The Academic & Degree Planning page displays a stack of six links, including:

  1. View Unofficial Transcripts — These are informal transcripts you can print yourself. For your most current GPA, view your Degree Progress Report.
  2. Order Official Transcripts — Select this link to have official transcripts sent to the recipients you choose.

Select the Order Official Transcripts link to open the Parchment app.

Advising and Degree Planning menu under Academics with two transcript links

Step 3

If this is your first time logging into Parchment Transcript Services through the CSUN Portal, the Parchment learner account page displays. From here you can create an account, place an order and track an order.

  • Follow the prompts to create your Parchment learner account. Because you are logged into the CSUN Portal, some data will auto-fill from your student record.
  • If you’ve already set up your Parchment account, you'll immediately be able to order transcripts (or cancel and leave the page) without logging into Parchment again.

Select the Continue button to create your Parchment account.

Email Tip: Your Parchment user ID is your CSUN email address by default. It will auto-fill the form field.

  • After you set up your account, you should add an additional email address because your CSUN Gmail account ( will expire shortly after graduation.
  • You can keep your Parchment account after leaving CSUN.

Learn more at CSUN Information Technology Graduation Checklist and Parchment’s article Add and Edit Learner Emails.

Parchment new account page inside CSUN Portal; CSUN Gmail address is auto-filled

Step 3a

Once you’ve set up your Parchment account and return to order transcripts, the Parchment Available Credentials start page will display with the CSUN logo.

  1. Select the Order button to order your CSUN transcript.
  2. Select Cancel to leave the order transcript start page. Alternatively, close the Parchment tab in your web browser. To return to the CSUN Portal, select the “Advising & Degree Planning" tab in your browser.
  3. From the links in the upper right corner:
  • Select the Orders link to check the status of a CSUN transcript order you’ve already placed.
  • Select the Profile link and then choose "Account Settings" to add another email address to your Parchment account or change your Parchment password. You can also sign out of Parchment.*

*Note: Use Parchment to order CSUN transcripts only. Please do not fill out either of these optional “profile” sections and forms because they are only for high school students seeking admission to other schools:

  • Ignore the form on the Profile - Account page.
  • Ignore the Edit Profile link and form on the Dashboard page (not shown).

These optional “Profile” and “Edit Profile” forms are not relevant to CSUN students. Any additional information you enter will be recorded in the vendor Parchment’s database and is not required by CSUN.

Parchment’s order transcripts start page with CSUN logo, order button and links

Step 4

If you’ve forgotten your CSUN Portal login credentials, visit CSUN’s Information Technology Account Information page.

If this doesn’t work, you can either contact the CSUN Information Technology Help Center or forego the portal entirely and create your account using Parchment's dedicated CSUN learner account "storefront" page shown in Step 5 below.

Tip: Ordering transcripts through the CSUN Portal saves time because some data will auto-fill from your student record. And if you're logged into the portal, you won't need to log into Parchment again.

CSUN account help page with links to retrieve CSUN user ID or reset password

Step 5

If you do not have a CSUN Portal account or CSUN Gmail address, no worries. Create your Parchment account from Parchment's dedicated CSUN learner account storefront page.

  • The “storefront” page is shown below. Note the CSUN logo in the upper left corner.
  • Enter a valid email address. You can use any email address as your Parchment user ID.
  • You can keep your Parchment account after leaving CSUN.

When the Continue button activates, select it and follow the prompts to create your Parchment account.

Parchment’s dedicated CSUN storefront page to create account outside CSUN Portal

Step 6

Need help with your Parchment transcript order?

The best first step is to log in to your CSUN Parchment account and then visit the Parchment Help Center to find FAQs and articles, engage with ParchieBot chat, submit a web case for support, or contact a learner support representative for assistance. The Parchment support team is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mountain Time (Arizona, U.S.A.).

Parchment’s student support materials include:

  1. Parchment Chat and Support page (shown below) with links to:
  1. Parchment Video Tutorials:

Please note: Only official CSUN transcripts can be ordered through Parchment. To obtain a duplicate diploma, please visit one of these CSUN websites:

For transcript assistance, you can always contact us at CSUN Records and Registration.

Parchment Help Center with 4 options: FAQ articles, report issue, chat and phone