Current Students

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I am an International Student

New international undergraduate students on F-1 Visas:

If you are first-year international student on an F-1 Visa seeking a bachelor’s degree — a first-time freshman or a transfer student — visit The Hub International Academic Advisement Center for a great start to your first semester!

New freshmen and transfer students on an F-1 Visa can rely on The Hub-International to receive:

  • Advising services to pre-enroll in first-semester courses
  • Second-semester advising referrals
  • University orientation
  • Comprehensive support and individualized services
  • Tools and resources for academic success and a firm transition into CSUN

International undergraduate students on J-1 Visas:

As an undergraduate J-1 Visa exchange program student, you’re probably in the U.S. for a short time and may not wish to earn a degree from CSUN. You might be a student at a partnering university abroad who is attending CSUN through the California State University International Programs.

J-1 Visa undergraduate students, please follow these steps to enroll in CSUN classes.

  1. Before enrolling in CSUN classes each term, consult with an advisor at your home university to determine which CSUN courses will meet your school’s degree requirements. You and your advisor will find course descriptions in the CSUN University Catalog.
  2. Learn how and when to enroll in classes. Visit the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) page for J-1 Exchange Students and select “Registering for Classes.”
  3. Get help with enrolling in classes that are restricted or require the completion of prerequisite courses to register.
    • If you cannot enroll in the undergraduate classes you want, please contact IESC and/or our International Admissions Office at for assistance.
    • The Office of International Admissions can help your CSUN professor, the department chair or the associate dean for your major to understand your international transcripts and how your course work might satisfy CSUN prerequisites.

International master's and doctoral students

International graduate students on F-1 and J-1 Visas should contact their academic program for advising.

Incoming Fulbright Fellows

As an international graduate student visiting the U.S. and attending CSUN through the Fulbright Program, you will receive assistance from our International and Exchange Student Center (IESC). IESC will facilitate:

  • Your transition to the U.S. for a positive experience
  • Your participation in CSUN's academic programs
  • Needed assistance upon arrival and during your stay at CSUN
  • Communication with the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas (LASPAU).

Find assistance and resources at Incoming Fulbright Student.