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Grade of Incomplete

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.


Students can view and accept a contract to change a grade of Incomplete (“I”) to an earned grade by logging into myNorthridge, navigating to the SOLAR Student Center and selecting View My Grades. You can only view an Incomplete Contract online when:

  1. You’ve completed and received approval in paper form —and
  2. Your professor has entered the contract in SOLAR.

Request an Incomplete

Accept an Incomplete Contract

  • You are not required to accept your Incomplete Contract online, but the electronic record is there for reference.

Remove an Incomplete

  • Complete the course work no later than one calendar year from the last official day of the semester in which the Incomplete is assigned. Your professor may give you an earlier deadline. IMPORTANT: Failure to complete the assigned work before the deadline will result in a grade of Incomplete Charged (“IC”), which is equivalent to an “F.”

Grade of Incomplete Policy

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Open the MyCSUN menu in the top navigation.
  2. Select the CSUN Portal link.
  3. Log in with your CSUN user ID and password.

MyCSUN menu on new home page with CSUN Portal login link

Step 2

Your CSUN Portal home page displays.

Navigate to View My Grades using either of these options:

  1. From the top Academics menu, select My Classes and then View Grades.
  2. Or, on the portal home page from the stack of links under the Top Tools heading, select View My Grades.

Portal navigation to top Academics menu, My Classes and View Grades

Step 3

The View My Grades page displays a table of all the terms and semesters you have attended.

Select the term in which you have requested a grade of Incomplete.

Then click Continue.

 Select the radio button for the term you want.

Step 4

Your official grades for the selected term will display.

If you submitted the "Request for a Grade of Incomplete" paper form and your professor created the contract online, the Review Contract link will also display.

Select the Review Contract link to view your Incomplete Contract.

 The incomplete contract link appears in the last column of the grades table.

Step 5

The Incomplete Contract page displays, including a policy reminder:

If you do not complete the work on time, your “I” grade will convert to an “IC,” which is equivalent to an “F.”

Under the Incomplete Contract Data heading, the box displays:

  • The reason for the Incomplete (i.e., Extenuating circumstance, Medical, or Other)
  • Your grade without further work (if you had not requested an Incomplete), for documentation purposes only.
  • Your deadline to complete the work. After one year, your “I” will convert to an “IC,” which is equivalent to an “F.”
  • The work required for removal of the “I” grade

Questions? Contact your professor.

To accept the contract online, check the box to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the contract Terms and Conditions.

 The Contract page has a Return link to go back without accepting the contract.

Step 6

A confirmation page displays.

Click Yes to accept the contract.

Reminder: Your electronic acceptance is only for reference. Your paper contract is the one that counts.

 Confirmation page accepting or denying the incomplete contract.

Step 7

Once you’ve agreed to the contract terms and conditions online, the Incomplete Contract page will display an acceptance date.

Your professor will be able to see the acceptance date, too.

Click the Return button to go back to the View My Grades page.

 Contract page displaying date of acceptance.

Step 8

On the View My Grades page, the Official Grades table now shows that you have accepted the Incomplete Contract. You can select the Accepted link to review the Incomplete Contract page.

Your grade of Incomplete (“I”) will display as early as the first day of final exams.


  • If you don’t see a grade, wait a few days until grades are posted in the system.
  • No grade points display for the “Incomplete” class because the work is not yet complete.

 The accepted contract link appears in the last column of the grades table.

Step 9

When you complete the course work and your instructor evaluates it, s/he will enter the date it was completed on the Incomplete Contract page.

Under the heading "Work Required for Removal of 'I' Grade," the Completed box will be checked and the date you completed the work will display.

Select Return to go back to the View My Grades page. 

 Incomplete contract page shows the date the course work was completed.

Step 10

You’ll be able to view your new grade and the grade points earned a few business days after your professor reports the grade change to Admissions and Records.

Contact your professor, or the department offering the course, with questions about the Incomplete Contract, course work, due date, and removal of the Incomplete grade.

 The grades table will show your final grade when course work is completed.