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Paying for Tuition and Fees

Paying for Tuition and Fees

Paying Fees with Financial Aid

Paying Fees with Financial Aid– As long as the amount of your anticipated aid exceeds the amount you owe in tuition and fees, you do not need to make fee payment by the Fee Payment Deadline defined below. If your anticipated financial aid award is NOT large enough to pay for all of your tuition and fees for a semester, you will be required to pay any amount not covered with your financial aid award by the fee payment deadline. Example:

  1. Tuition and fees owed = $6,000
  2. Financial Aid Award = -$5,000
  3. Amount owed by Fee Payment Deadline = $1,000

In the example above, the financial aid award does not cover the total charges on a student’s account. Therefore, the student owes the difference ($1,000) between tuition and fees ($6,000) and the financial aid award ($5,000).

Fee Payment Schedule/Deadlines

Important Fee Payment Requirements

Student Financial Account How-To Guide

Check your account balance - Student Financial Account How-To Guide

More Resources

Visit the University Cash Services website for information on:

  • Allowing a parent, guardian or other authorized person to pay your fees online
  • Education Tax Credit IRS Form 1098-T
  • Installment Payment Plan (IPP)
  • Refunds and eRefund

You’ll find useful information for managing your finances on these pages.