Current Students

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Financial Know-How

CSUN’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Department has developed a comprehensive list of tools and services to help students manage money, including Financial Aid TV, financial literacy webinars, a glossary of financial aid terms, and federal tax incentives that may help lower the cost of higher education.

You don’t have to be a financial aid recipient to benefit from these resources! View the complete list of Financial Aid Resources .

Additional Opportunities

You may be able to reduce the cost of a college education by taking advantage of financial opportunities such as the following:

Visit CSUN with a Heartto connect to various resources that meet the basic needs of students in the CSUN community.

Save Money on Textbooks

Your professor will order required and recommended textbooks or other materials that you can purchase through the CSUN Campus Store or elsewhere. You’ll find the exact title, edition and ISBN number for the materials assigned to each class section in Class Search. Helpful guide: Find Textbooks in Class Search

Additional ways you can reduce the cost of textbooks each semester: