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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid goes way beyond student loans that you have to pay back. Aid includes grants, work-study and scholarship awards.

Visit these Financial Aid and Scholarship Department pages for details.

Financial Aid Basics

  • How to Apply for Aid
  • Financial Aid Process
  • Urgent Dates
  • What Affects Your Aid (how to avoid problems)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress – your responsibility
  • Types of Financial Aid (Grants, Loans and Work-Study)


Think you could never win a scholarship? Think again. Read our top 10 reasons to apply .

Visit the Scholarships site to review eligibility requirements and learn how to apply.

Explore two scholarship groups:

  • On-Campus Scholarships
    At last count, more than 45 scholarship programs and opportunities were available through CSUN campus awards, many CSUN colleges and academic departments, and the systemwide CSU Foundation. For details on open scholarship competitions, see the Financial Aid and Scholarships Facebook page.
  • Off-Campus Scholarships
    Additional programs, databases, web sources, videos and help with writing essays and letters.


CSUN’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Department carefully curates the abundant resources posted on its website in order to serve the best interests of students. Tap your resources!

Special Student Groups & Programs

Some types of financial aid are available to certain groups of students such as those earning a teaching credential, student veterans and DREAMERS. Check the page for financial aid options, special enrollment programs and possible external sources of funding.