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Students want and need more opportunities to enroll in classes. The California State University (CSU) has created the “CSU Fully Online Courses Program” to help meet this need by making hundreds of fully online courses available for concurrent enrollment.

With the CSU Fully Online Courses Program, full-time CSU students at any of the 23 campuses can enroll concurrently in one fully online course per term at another CSU campus without paying additional state university tuition fees.* Credit earned in the fully-online course is automatically reported to your home campus.

For the all-campus course listing, eligibility details, enrollment dates (they vary by campus), and FAQs, visit CSU Fully Online Courses.

This guide explains how CSUN students can request and confirm enrollment in a fully-online class at a host CSU campus through myNorthridge Portal. Students at other CSUs interested in taking a fully online class at CSUN should begin by logging into their home campus student portal.

*About Fees:

  • Domestic nonresident students will need to pay an additional per-unit nonresident tuition fee for the CSU Fully Online course to the host campus.
  • CSU Fully Online participants will need to pay any course material or lab fees to the host campus.

Before Enrolling:

  • Make sure that the desired fully online class satisfies a degree requirement at your home campus (i.e., CSUN).
  • Understand that the grade you earn in the host campus course will become part of your permanent academic record. If you need to drop the class, follow the host campus procedures and deadlines.
  • Review the 4-point checklist at CSU Fully Online Courses to confirm your eligibility. International students on visas are not eligible to enroll in the CSU Fully Online program.

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Select the myNorthridge Portal link.
  2. Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

myNorthridge Portal login.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge Home page displays.

In the Quick Links box, select the SOLAR Student Center icon. 

myNorthridge Portal Home tab.

Step 3

The SOLAR Student Center displays. Under the “Academics” heading, select the link Enroll in CSU Fully Online.

Student Center home page displaying the CSU Fully Online link.

Step 4

The Select Term page displays available terms. 

  1. Select the term you want.
  2. Click Continue. The enrollment system will automatically check your eligibility for CSU Fully Online Courses. This may take a minute. If you are not eligible, an error message will display. If you are eligible, a class search page will display.

Select a Term. 

Information.  Click the What is CSU Fully Online? link to open a new window to the official CSU website and view:

  • The CSU fully online course list: Sort, filter or search by course, title, GE category, upper/lower division, host campus (all classes—open and closed—are listed)*;
  • Course description: Enrollment period (varies by campus), class start date, prerequisites, term type, host campus welcome document (download or print for key dates, online learning management system, library access, etc.);
  • Transfer information—the degree requirements that the host campus course will satisfy at CSUN (elective credit, GE requirements or course equivalency if any). Consult with your academic advisor to confirm that the class will meet CSUN degree requirements.

*TIP: Choose several CSU fully online courses because only OPEN classes will display in myNorthridge Portal.

 View the CSU Fully Online Course List.

Step 5

The Select Classes to Add page displays. The CSU Fully Online Class enrollment cart is empty.

To look up the fully online course you want to add, first select the host campus using the spyglass icon. Leave the other fields blank to retrieve a list of all open, fully online courses at the host campus, CSU Long Beach in this example.

Click Search.

Open the CourseMatch class list.

Step 6

The Select Classes to Add page now lists all OPEN fully-online classes offered at the host campus CSU Long Beach. (Closed classes do not display.)

Open a course row to view class and section numbers, start/end dates and other details.

To start over, select the change term button.

To proceed, select the Class Number link.

 List of fully online CSU classes at all selected host campus.

Step 7

The Class Details page displays information for the course you selected:

  • Course Subject and Number
  • Class Section Number
  • Units
  • Career (Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • Meeting (start/end) Dates
  • Grading Option (Grade or Credit/No Credit; review the CR/NC policy)
  • Host Campus

IMPORTANT! Read the Course Description box for any prerequisites. The class in this image requires previously passing the CSU Long Beach course PSY 100.

Click the Select Class button.

Review class details and pre- or co-requisites if any. 

Step 8

The Identify Course Requisites page displays the CSU Fully Online Course description and lists all of the classes you have ever enrolled in at CSUN.

To proceed:

  1. Check the box for the CSUN course(s) you’ve taken that meet the prerequisite.
  2. If none of your CSUN classes meet the prerequisite, fill in the text box below the course list with a class you took at another institution and transferred to CSUN, or indicate another method of eligibility. Provide details.
  3. Check the “Requisites Confirmed” box.
  4. Click Confirm.

Check or enter a prerequisite course and check the "Requisites 

Step 9

The Final Confirmation page displays:

  • the CSU Fully Online Course you selected
  • a message describing your responsibilities to conduct the activities related to the online course (e.g., to access the learning management tool such as Canvas at the host campus); pay additional lab or supplemental instruction fees, and meet host-campus withdrawal deadlines if you drop the class.

This is the LAST CHANCE to cancel your request or return to the previous screen. Please do not proceed if you do not want the class because you will need to contact the host campus to drop the class and you will be subject to host-campus withdrawal policies and procedures. Refer to the campus welcome document for details.

To continue, click Submit Enrollment Request.

Message confirming enrollment and your responsibilities. 

Step 10

The View Results page displays the status of your request.

  • A red “X” means an error occurred.
  • A green check mark means your request was submitted to the host campus successfully. Note: You are not enrolled in the class until the host campus processes your request.

A message states that the host campus will contact you to confirm enrollment and send instructions for you to log into their student portal, access the online class, and pay any course materials or lab fees and/or the per-unit nonresident tuition fees if necessary.

Click OK.

 Message shows the status of your enrollment request: submitted or not.

Step 11

The Select Classes to Add page returns.

The CSU Fully Online Class enrollment cart lists the class you selected and indicates the status of your request:

  • At first, the status will be "pending" (clock icon).
  • When the host campus processes your request, the status will change to "enrolled" (green check mark). 

You should check back later to confirm that you are enrolled in the course.

Later log back into myNorthridge > Student Center > Enroll in CSU Fully Online to check your enrollment status.

The Select Classes to Add page now displays a green check mark in the status column to confirm that the host campus has enrolled you in their online class.

Important! Once enrolled, watch for a letter or email from the host campus telling you how to log into their student portal and access the online class.

In about 24 hours, you will see a "placeholder" class in your CSUN schedule. From the drop-down menu, select Student Center and then click the "go" button.

Return to the Student Center. 

Step 12

The Student Center "Academics" section displays your current class schedule.

After you've been enrolled in a CSU Fully Online course by the host campus, you should see one of the following CSUN Admissions and Records (A/R) "placeholder" classes in your schedule:

  • A/R 103 - for CSUN undergraduate students
  • A/R 500 - for CSUN graduate students

At the end of the semester, the host campus will automatically report your grade to CSUN as a transfer credit, and the course and grade will appear in your academic record. Then the "A/R" placeholder class will be removed from your schedule.

 Class schedule showing the CourseMatch placeholder class.


If you have any questions about the CSU Fully Online Courses process, please contact:

CSUN Office of Admissions and Records
Cal State Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street, Student Services Center
Northridge, CA 91330-8207
Phone: (818) 677-3700