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Meal Plan Change Request Form

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Please Note:

  • Changes from a higher Meal Plan to a lower Meal Plan are only accepted until September 15, 2017 of the Fall semester and January 29, 2018 for the Spring semester
  • Changes from a higher Meal Plan to a lower plan are accepted once per semester
  • If you are living in a housing unit without a kitchen, you must select one of the following Meal Plan types: All-Access, 14, 12 or 10 Meal Plan


When is the change going to take effect?
Please select your current Meal Plan type from one of the above choices.
Please select the Meal Plan type you would like to change to. Note: Block Plans are only available to students living in apartments with kitchen or off-campus.
Please select your current payment plan from the choices above
Please select the payment type you would like to switch to. Note - Students planning to use financial aid to pay for meal plan fees should choose "Installment Plan". Otherwise the total annual meal plan fee will be due on August 1st.