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Geronimo's - for Every Appetite!

Campus Dining Hall

We proudly present our beautiful, completely remodeled campus dining hall, Geronimo’s! We are so excited about the changes and hope you will be too! Geronimo's all-you-care-to-eat menu features Cilantro's Tacos & Tostada Bar, Pizzazz Pizza & Pasta, Checkers Deli, Grill & Greens, Matador Entrees, Flakes Cereal Bar and Dessert Island. Join us every Wednesday for International Themed Menu items and every Thursday is Steak Day!l Geronimo’s is located inside the Satellite Student Union close to the residence halls at Zelzah and Lassen.

Geronimo’s is conveniently located inside the Satellite Student Union close to the residence halls at Zelzah and Lassen.

Pizzaz Pizza

Pizza Delivery

16" Large Pizza

  • Cheese $9.99
  • Pepperoni $10.99
  • Specialty $12.99

(818) 677-2902

Use your Frequent Buyer Card for a FREE pizza!

Dining Hall Etiquette

  • Respect the rights of those around you. Loud or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Please wait your turn in line.
  • Please refrain from horseplay or running while inside the Dining Hall.
  • Eat all you wish while in Geronimo's, but food, beverages, fruit, desserts, etc. are not to be taken from the dining hall.
  • Please don't be wasteful. Take only what you can eat at the first sitting. You can always go back for more.
  • Return all dishes, cups and utensils to the dish return room at the end of your meal. All paper refuse should be placed in the appropriate trash receptacles. Since the dining hall utilizes a self-busing system, it's important that you clean your table before you leave.
  • Return all condiments to the caddies once you are finished using them.
  • Should you or others accidentally spill or drop food or beverages, please report it to management immediately so that hazards can be avoided.
  • Do not play with the food of the ice.
  • Respect the employees and their hard work. There was a lot of thought, time, work, energy and money put into the renovation of our dining facilities.

    Please respect the Dining Hall Etiquette, so everybody can enjoy Geronimo's!

Contact Information

For questions please call:

Main Line
(818) 677-2902
or e-mail:

Betsy Corrigan
(818) 677-2669
or email: betsy.corrigan@csun.edu