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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Meal Plan Office?

We are located in the Student Housing Office on the corner of Zelzah and Lassen. This office is located in the same building that houses our two restaurants: Geronimo's and Bamboo Terrace.
If you plan on visiting us in person, simply ask the front desk to speak with someone from the Meal Plan Office.

Mailing Address:
Student Housing Office
Attn: Meal Plan Office
17950 Lassen Street
Northridge, CA 91325-8286

How do I know how many meal swipes or Dining Dollars I have left?

Towards the bottom of every receipt, you will find your remaining dining units (meal swipes) and dining points (Dining Dollars) balance. You can also login onto the CSUN Dining Account Center at to check your balance.

Can meal swipes be converted to Dining Dollars?

No, they cannot. Meal swipes are non-transferable.

Can I use meal swipes to feed guests?

Students with the Matador Block Meal Plans (270, 200, 25) may use their meal swipes for guests for guests. Those on traditional weekly Meal Plans (10/12/14) and All Access plan may not use their swipes for guests. However, each students on these plans will receive 3 preloaded Guest Swipes every semester which they can use for guest meals.

What should I do if I lose my Meal Plan card?

You should go immediately to the Meal Plan Office (located in Student Housing) and fill out a request for a replacement card. A new card with a new account number will be created for a $5 fee that is charged against your Dining Dollars. If you cannot immediately get to the Meal Plan Office, you may go to Gernonimo's and get a temporary 3-day card with your account number.

When are payments due?

Meal Plan payments are due on the 1st of the month. Payments not received by the 10th of each month will be assessed a $15.00 late fee and your Meal Plan privileges will be suspended.

Can Meal Plans be changed?

Yes. Meal Plan changes are accepted up until September 13th of the Fall Semester and January 3rd of the Spring Semester only. Once the semester is underway, you may only change from a smaller Meal Plan to a larger one.

Every time I make a payment, does money get added to my Meal Plan card?

No, making a monthly payment does not add more Dining Dollars to your account. The number of Dining Dollars is set at the beginning of the contract term and is included in the total cost of your elected Meal Plan.

Am I paying for meals during the Spring and Winter breaks even though I am not on campus?

No, the cost of the Meal Plans does not include meal swipes during Spring and Winter breaks. Due to the limited hours of operation during Spring and Winter breaks, the meal swipe option is not available during these times. However, your Dining Dollars are active and will allow you to eat at any of the campus dining locations open during break.

Can I get a refund of my unused Dining Dollars?

Any unused remaining Dining Dollars after May 16th, 2020 will be forfeited. We do not offer refunds and you may not transfer unused Dining Dollars onto a MataMoney Card.

I have used up all of my Dining Dollars. Am I out for the semester?

You can purchase more Dining Dollars at any time during the semester by logging on to the CSUN Dining Account Center here. Keeping track and adding more Dining Dollars to your Meal Plan card has now become easier! Please visit Dining Dollars for instructions on how to use our CSUN Dining Account Center system.