The University Corporation - Dining

Dining Hall Etiquette

Please respect the Dining Hall's etiquette so everybody can enjoy Geronimo's and Bamboo Terrace!

  • Respect the rights of those around you. Loud or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Please wait for your turn in line.
  • Please refrain from horseplay, running, skateboarding or hover boarding while inside the Dining Hall.
  • As this is an "All You Care to Eat" dining facility, you may eat as much as you like while in Geronimo's/Bamboo Terrace. But all food, beverages, fruit, desserts, etc. are to be consumed only on the premises and not to be taken from the dining hall.
  • Please don't be wasteful. Take only what you can eat at the first sitting. You can always go back for more.
  • Since the dining hall utilizes a self-busing system, it's important that you clean your table before you leave. Kindly return all dishes, cups and utensils to the dish return room at the end of your meal. 
  • Return all condiments to their carriers once you are finished using them.
  • Should you or others accidentally spill or drop food or beverages, please report it to management immediately so that hazards can be avoided.
  • You must be properly dressed (shirt and shoes) at all times in the dining hall.
  • Respect the employees and their hard work.