CSUN Dining

CSUN Farmers Market Every Tuesday

In an effort to foster sustainability on campus, California State University, Northridge will host a weekly farmers market every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on East University Drive and Clearly Walk East, just west of the University Student Union.

An initiative formulated and led by Associated Students, the weekly event will feature vendors providing fresh fruits and vegetables to students and the community. Organic produce, artisan breads, jams and jellies, nuts, prepackaged foods, freshly prepared foods; flowers, crafts and a variety of other products will be readily accessible and conveniently located on campus. See down below for a full list of vendors.

“Associated Students is excited to be the catalyst in providing local, sustainable and fairly traded food options for our students, faculty and staff,” said Associated Students President Tiffany Zaich. “The farmers market truly promotes our campus initiatives to encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

The Farmers Market is made possible with the support of: Raw Inspirations, The University Corporation, Campus Recycling Services, Department of Police Services, Parking Services, Physical Plant Management, The Matador Involvement Center, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Office of the President.




Farmers Market Vendor List

  • Arnett (stone fruits)

  • Avila & Sons(fruits / vegetables)

  • Ayala

  • Bangkok Grill (prepared foods)

  • Beatty Citrus (fruits)

  • Chef Figata

  • DLish Waffles

  • Damn That's Good

  • DC Lemonade

  • Dolce Monachelli

  • Drori

  • ELC

  • Etheridge

  • Fruit Patch

  • Fruita Del Sol

  • Hampton Ranches

  • Harry Atlas

  • Honey Bee & Produce (produce)

  • Insightful Traders

  • Ihsan's Falafel (prepared foods)

  • KADI Products

  • Lena's Pastries

  • LSG Honey (honey)

  • Mama Minas

  • Mi Gusta Gourmet (prepared foods)

  • Moises

  • Mom's

  • MUS

  • Muscle Beach

  • Oscar's Coffee

  • Peanut Company, The

  • Polka Pierogi

  • POP Gram

  • Pupusas Delmy (prepared foods)

  • Raphael Cardenas

  • Root of Life

  • Savour This Kitchen

  • Smit (organic stone fruits)

  • SOLA

  • St. Johns

  • Underwood Farms (fruits & vegetables)

  • Way To Life

  • Wilma & Ethel

  • Xiong Produce (asian vegetables)

  • Zamoras