CSUN as One

  • CSUN as One

Student Life and Support

CSUN is committed to providing returning and new students with engaging, interactive and community building experiences throughout the Fall 2020 semester. We want all Matadors to have a strong sense of belonging and connection with the CSUN campus community.

Check out the following opportunities for social activities, personal growth, training and support:

The CSUN Career Center will also continue to provide students with opportunities to actively engage and prepare for a successful future. Students can schedule virtual check-in meetings with peer educators and career counselors. Virtual job fairs with prospective employers, drop-in advising and career counseling meetings via Zoom are available. CareerLink will help students explore opportunities such as internships, jobs and graduate school. Students will also be able to explore employment listings, find other CSUN students who share their interests, and network with employers and CSUN alumni thru the online platform Handshake.

Disabilities and Communications Access Services

NCOD: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services offers comprehensive accessibility services – Academic Advisement, Tutoring, Orientation, Check-in Events, and Career Workshops – in this new virtual environment to provide supportive opportunities that promote and nurture student learning. Professors who have Deaf & Hard of Hearing students now receive an enhanced communication to familiarize them with the best ways to teach and engage students through Zoom, in conjunction with Service Providers. Professors also monitor independent study through one-on-one Zoom meetings.

The Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) department provides individualized accommodations and services to students with disabilities. Online exam accommodations will be provided by the instructor and DRES alternative testing for on-campus classes are by appointment. Registered students can request accommodations through SAAS (http://www.csun.edu/saas) and DRES counselors are available to discuss any questions or concerns.

Basic Needs

CSUN supports students with assistance to address basic needs such as food and housing insecurity, emergency financial assistance and more. Information about the resources available can be located at CSUN with a HEART at https://www.csun.edu/heart.

The MataCare Emergency Fund provides emergency help for students facing emergency financial needs. The application to apply for a MataCare Emergency Grant will reopen in late September 2020.

Community Resources

The Office of Community Engagement provides an informational hub where faculty, staff and students can find resources offered by local community organizations. Visit the connect page for up-to-date information that addresses financial, mental health and basic needs, as well as resources for parents and undocumented students.