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Fall 2020 at CSUN

CSUN welcomes students for virtual fall instruction using the framework outlined by CSU Chancellor Timothy White with the goal to deliver transformative educational opportunities in a safe and responsible manner. University leadership, emergency operations staff, the Academic Affairs Task Force and other campus partners have dedicated themselves to develop plans for fall that put the health and safety of students, faculty and staff at the forefront of preparations. Accordingly, CSUN offers Fall 2020 courses primarily through virtual instruction, supplementing virtual instruction with a limited number of face-to-face courses and labs.

Exceptions to Virtual Instruction
CSUN is supplementing virtual offerings with a limited number of face-to-face courses and labs that require in-person experiences. Approximately 4,400 students are anticipated to take part in 113 face-to-face courses and labs taught in 210 sections. Any exception to virtual learning has significant preventative health measures in place that are science-based and data-driven. All on-campus exceptions are authorized as within the safety parameters established with state, local and CSU guidance.

Lower Density On-Campus Housing
The campus anticipates having several hundred student residents within our living communities this fall. Providing a safe and welcoming housing environment conducive to student health, well-being and academic success is a top priority, and CSUN has established protocols to support these goals. Building and room occupancy guidelines have been developed to support hygiene and social distancing. Living standards will address cleaning protocols and frequency, building access, ventilation standards, and dining and food service protocols.

Health and Safety Protocols Implemented
CSUN has implemented safety protocols for the campus aligned with recommendations from the CDC, the American College Health Association and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and is operating with a minimum of employees on campus to support essential services. Measures to protect health include increased cleaning and sanitizing, physical distancing and requiring everyone to wear face coverings on campus. The entire campus community owes it to each other – faculty, staff and students – to work together to make health and safety a priority.

Daily Screening Required
On a daily basis, prior to reporting to work or class, all employees and students are required to submit a personal health assessment via the University web portal. This is a necessary step to protect ourselves and each other.

Re-populating Campus
As conditions permit, consistent with local and state public health guidelines, the university is exploring meaningful ways to re-populate campus, prioritizing student engagement and involvement. Recognizing this is a continually evolving situation, we must all be flexible and resilient as circumstances require.

Everyone at CSUN shares a common responsibility to support the well-being of our campus community, with our primary goal being a safe and functional campus environment for working, learning and living. Student success remains our unwavering priority.