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Athletics and Student Athletes

The CSUN Athletics Department has developed a detailed ten-phase approach guiding the return of Intercollegiate Athletics to campus operations, with safety and health as its utmost priority. Given the robustness of CSUN Athletics and the additional safety considerations inherent with the training, practice and competition, the finalizing of these plans is deferred in order to gain greater clarity on the impact that impending state guidance on intercollegiate athletics may have on CSUN’s proposed approach.

CSUN’s athletic reintegration plan proposes bringing back staff and student athletes in phases over the summer, culminating in having the full complement of student athletes and coaches, staff and administrators on campus by the start of the fall semester – all dependent on coordination with LA County Health officials and alignment with the Big West Conference and NCAA guidelines and competition plans.

Detailed protocols are included in this plan, which include staff and athlete training and education, cleaning and disinfection of facilities and equipment, and response to identified COVID-19 cases. The plan also includes detailed protocols for medical training, event management, travel, athlete meals, and other areas associated with intercollegiate athletics.

Specifically, phases I through IV will occur prior to any on-campus activities, to set the stage for the safe gradual return of Athletics staff and student athletes to campus. Phases V through X provide detailed requirements for on-campus athletic training, conditioning, practice and lastly, intercollegiate competition with spectators.

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