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Access to Technology Support

COVID-19 pushed technology to the forefront of our lives and minds. The Division of Information Technology is committed to delivering reliable technology services and solutions in Academic Year 2020-2021 for all CSUN students, faculty and staff. Our objectives center on student and employee success through the provision of secure technology services, support and training.

Our actions are data-driven, encompassing the results of the spring Student IT survey and the forthcoming technology survey of new students. The array of our support will include:

  • Cost-free Device Loaner Program, for currently enrolled students. This program will allow students to borrow laptops, webcams, hotspots and headsets.
  • Training resources on how to become effective online learners, including tips on time management and engaging with peers, have been provided in partnership with Student Affairs through the New Student Orientation platform. A training course on virtual learning – Becoming an Effective Online Learner – was created by the Faculty Technology Center in collaboration with Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and other CSU campuses. It is made available to all CSUN students through Canvas. Becoming an Effective Online Learner is a self-paced guide designed to prepare students for success in a virtual environment. This course is not required for graduation and will not appear on transcripts. The course provides students with tips and tricks for online learning. Though not a CSUN requirement, some faculty may ask students to complete the course for a specific class.
  • Keep Learning website that will be continuously updated with additional resources on best strategies for online academic communications, and virtual resources and tools.
  • This semester, the virtual lab computer services will provide students with online access to a computer with specialized software available in college computer lab environments. The virtual labs are delivered through multiple environments: Virtual Windows Computer, and Virtual Lab at USU Computer Lab. Additionally, myCSUNsoftware grants students anytime access to select software via an Internet connection from a Mac, PC, Linux, or mobile device.
  • The library of downloadable software will continue to be available through MyCSUNSoftware program.

Faculty Technology Center (FTC) will be collaborating with IT Help Center to increase call capacity for instructional technology support. FTC will continue updating the Keep Teaching website and provide online workshops for faculty on the robust collection of academic technologies and their integration into the virtual classrooms.

Universal Design Center (UDC) will continue its commitment to ensuring that campus communications and technology will be accessible to everyone through training and consultations.

The core IT services, including support for students and employees, will remain available. In addition, the expansion of the digital transformation processes will continue to facilitate online workflows and practices. IT Help Center will provide help by phone, email, chat and online. Computer Desktop Support will operate remotely, except for those instances where a physical interaction is unavoidable. In these cases, staff will follow health safety guidelines when providing in-person support.

CSUN and the Campus Store present myCSUNDigitalAccess, a powerful and convenient program designed to ensure students get the course materials they need to succeed prior to the first day of classes. The myCSUNDigitalAccess program delivers required course materials digitally to students when they register for any participating courses, with integration through Canvas. Learn more here.