CSUN Youth Orchestra

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Our History

Dr. Thomas Osborn found the Valley Young People’s Orchestra, serving as Music Director and Conductor. The musicians range in ages from 7 to 17 and professional musicians are called upon to serve as coaches. The Valley Youth Orchestra Association is created and incorporated as a non-profit in 1974 to develop and provide financial support for both orchestras at the time.

California State University, Northridge invites the orchestra to take up residency on campus. They become known collectively as the C.S.U.N. Youth Orchestra Academy.

In 1982 Dr. Osborne retires after twelve years with the orchestra. David Avshalomov serves as Music Director and Conductor for the next two years. The two orchestra formate on the academy is redefined under the tenure of new Music Director Wes Kenney. A preparatory orchestra known as the Junior Orchestra and the symhony orchestra known as the Senior Orchestra are results of this transition.

In 1986 the Northridge Chamber Orchestra is formed as a unique experiment in music education combining the top youth orchestra musicians with professional musicians from the area. In 1989 the Senior Orchestra performs Beethoven’s Symphony on No. 9 in concert with the Valley Master Chorale as part of the 20th season Gala.

Mr. Kenney steps down in his eighth season. Mr. Jerry Luedders becomes Music Director for the next twelve seasons. During his tenure the organization splits into groups knows as the Philharmonic, Symphony and Camerata Strings. The number of participants went over 150 at that time.

Dr. John Roscigno, serving as Director of Orchestral Studies at California State University, Northridge takes over as Music Director of the Youth Orchestras and Conductor of the Philharmonic.   The orchestra in that time has had the opportunity to perform in Disney Hall as part of an L.A. Philharmonic arts partnership.   The 3 orchestras are now comprised of approximately 250 students.