New CSUN Portal

CSUN Portal - Student View

The new CSUN Portal incorporates new technologies and the same modern design of the new campus web site. The CSUN Portal uses the same technology that powers CSUN's Mobile App, which will bring new kinds of interactivity and experiences. 

Phase 1 includes launching the new CSUN Portal design, including content most students use frequently. This will allow users to do most of the things they are used to doing in the myNorthridge Portal. The myNorthridge Portal will still be accessible through the fall semester to ensure that all functionality remains available. 

How Do I Access the CSUN Portal?

The new CSUN web presence has improved access to the services you use the most. 

  1. From the new CSUN web page, no matter what page you are on, select MyCSUN in the main navigation. 
  2. Select the link for the CSUN Portal. It has a new name but provides access to all the services you use to access in the myNorthridge portal. 

The new CSUN Portal.

Sample Menus

The Student Portal View

All of your most used tools and services will be featured at the top of your portal's main page, and to the right. 

The New Student Portal View.


The Academics drop down menu provides access to these services:

Academics drop down menu.

My Finances

My Finances provides access to these services:

My Finances drop down menu.

Common Tasks:

Make a Payment

  • To make a payment, under My Finances, select Make a Payment and then log in with your CSUN user ID and password. 

Access Mata Money and eRefund Accounts

  • To access your Mata Money and eRefund accounts, under My Finances, select My Accounts

My Accounts.

To View and Accept Financial Aid, File a FAFSA, View Awards and find Scholarships

  • To Apply for FAFSA, under My Finances select Apply for FAFSA. This will take you to the website where you can submit your FAFSA. 
  • To check your awards, select  My Finances > Check My Awards and then log in with your CSUN user ID and password. 
  • To accept your awards, select My Finances > Accept my Awards and then log in with your CSUN user ID and password. 
  • To find scholarships, select My Finances > Find Scholarships and then log in with your CSUN user ID and password.
  • To visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships webpage, select My Finances > Financial Aid & Scholarship Department link. This will take you directly to their webpage. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships.


Student Services

Student Services is where you can find access to many of the services you use:

Student Services drop down menu.

Life on Campus

Life on Campus provides access to services used to enhance your experience here at CSUN. 

Life on Campus drop down menu.

My Menu

My Menu allows you to customize your view by adding specific menu items. These can be the ones you use the most frequently or just ones you'd like to try out. 

My Menu drop down.

By selecting Add items to my menu, a user can add items like the ones pictured below. 

My Menu items that can be added.

Shortcuts to Common Tasks

The Student Portal landing page is designed to showcase your most used items. Use these shortcuts to access common tasks when needed. 

  • The center pane contains checklists for you to be aware of. 
  • The right side pane, contains shortcuts to tasks such as Enroll in Classes, View My Grades, Buy Textbooks and Parking Passes
  • For IT Help, select the IT Help icon under Top Tools.
  • To make a payment, under My Finances, select Make a Payment and then log in with your CSUN user ID and password.
  • To access your Mata Money and eRefund accounts, under My Finances, select My Accounts