CSUN Mentorship Program Team

 Our mentors represent a variety of backgrounds, from academic colleges and on-campus organizations to personal identities and experiences at CSUN.


Find out more about our mentors below!


Participating students are paired with a Mentor based on how they want to use the program, whether it be getting assistance on passing a class or joining a new club on campus! Our Mentors have their own unique traits and assist their students differently. Should you join the program, you will be paired with a mentor that best suits your particular needs and interests!

Zori Badkerhanian

Andrea Cardenas

Hey Matadors! My name is Andrea Cardenas (she/her/hers) and I am a second year majoring in Political Science and hoping to declare a second major by the end of the semester. I am also a first-generation student.  I am planning to go to law school after my undergrade become a lawyer. Some fun facts about me are that I go to the gym, I love seeing tv, also I read from time to time. I also volunteer at a nonprofit outside of school where I get to work with first generation high school students. Aside from all that I do I also plan to get more involved with CSUN and its club. I am thrilled to be part of this program and meet new people. Side note I was a mentee my first year and now I am mentor where I get to help other students get through their first year. I hope to become the person my mentee can call/text whenever they need advice.

Amara Contreras


Hi everyone! My name is Amara Contreras, my gender pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am a sophomore majoring in Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management. I enjoy cooking, hiking, going to concerts, and photography. I was previously a mentee in the program and being a first generation college student, I initially felt nervous about what to expect during my college experience but the CSUN Mentorship Program helped me achieve my goals. I am looking forward to supporting you throughout your first year at CSUN!


Matthew Castellanos


Hey everyone! My name is Matthew and I am now in my 5th year at CSUN. I started CSUN as a CTVA major, but switched to family studies and I am also doing a minor in psychology. I served in the finance committee for AS Leadership for two years. In my free time I am usually napping, working out, or spending time with family/friends. I hope to travel more in the future because I enjoy exploring new places and going on road trips. I wanted to be a mentor because I enjoy helping people and since it is my last I wanted to give back in someway. With each other's help we can make the most of our experience here at CSUN. Excited to get to know you all!

Junior Espinoza Cruz

Hello everyone, my name is Junior Espinoza Cruz and I am an Accounting major with a minor in Real Estate. I am entering my 3rd year at CSUN. I am striving to graduate in 4 years and hope to work with a firm once I obtain my bachelor’s. Aside from academics, I have been involved with a business club called ALPFA which has really helped me grow as a person. I learned many things from being a Director with this club and can share my experiences if it is something that would interest you. There are 2 reasons why I recommend getting involved on campus. First, I would say that networking is important because building connections with people is a great way to have more opportunities in your career. Secondly, who doesn’t want to have long-lasting friends.  I don’t care what my mentees ask nothing is a dumb question. I hope I can help my mentees by being able to provide any resources that can help them each individually.



Kimberly Espinoza Cruz

Hi everyone!! My name is Kimberly Espinoza Cruz and my gender pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a 3rd year majoring in Marketing with a minor in Hospitality and Tourism. I am also a first-generation student and was a mentee (2 years ago) and it was a great experience. I am a Peer Mentor for the CSUN Mentorship program, but I am also involved in 3 different clubs that I joined virtually in the fall semester of 2020 because before that year, I couldn’t join anything since I would commute and didn’t have much time. I am involved in the Alliance for Women in Entertainment (AWE) as a recruitment chair for the 2nd time, the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) as a director of Student Development, and the American Marketing Association (AMA). Some of my interests and hobbies include cooking, going to church, exploring restaurants in Los Angeles with my mom, spending time with my friends, vlogging and listening to Spanish music, and also r&b and pop. Lastly, as a mentor, I want to support my mentees by giving them the resources that they need and helping them reach their goals whether that is to join a club/organization, make friends, getting better grades, etc! With classes still being online, I want to be someone that y’all can reach out to and be able to talk to. I am super excited to meet you all and support you in any way possible!

Shelby Drake


Hello! My name is Shelby Drake, I am a Junior with a major in psychology and a minor in real estate. I am apart of a club called Big Buddies; we get the opportunity to work with children which I find incredibly rewarding and I believe has helped prepare me for this position. I am not only an empathetic person but also an active listener which enables me to give you helpful advisement without judgement. I was a mentee myself, so I feel that I understand what it takes to be an efficient mentor.

Kaitlyn Ha

What’s up friends! My name is Kaitlyn Ha (she/her/hers) and I am a fourth year majoring in Entertainment Media Management with a minor in Marketing! I am super stoked to be a part of this program and to get to know all of y’all. Throughout my time here at CSUN, I’ve been a part of New Student Orientation, Greek Life, and now this AMAZING, 10/10 program. As a peer mentor, I am here to help push you to achieve your goals and help you realize that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Outside of school, a few of my favorite hobbies include: baking cookies, trying new places to eat, hanging out with friends and family, binge watching TV shows, spending too much time on Tik Tok, and staying active by playing table tennis and basketball. I am beyond excited to meet all of my mentees and help you all grow as individuals! :)


Sharon Huynh

Hi y’all! My name is Sharon Huynh. My gender pronouns are she/her/hers. This is my second year, here at CSUN, and I am currently majoring in art, specifically going into graphic design, while also minoring in entertainment management. Though I have yet to experience the “college life,” I am very much involved in organizations such as New Student Orientation and the CSUN Mentorship Program. These programs have shaped my first year, helping me become accustom to the campus, build friendships, and overall learn more about myself! Because of their impact and wholesome environment, I decided to apply and become a mentor myself! While this may be my first year in the program, I hope to assist you in any way that I can. The transition into CSUN is definitely a difficult one to navigate, so as your mentor I want to support you and just be there for YOU! I like to think of myself as a cheerleader rooting for you every step of the way :)

Ragy Kerolos

Hello! My name is Ragy! I am a senior majoring in Medical Technology and minoring in Chemistry. I am also an SI instructor at the LRC teaching UNIV 60C classes for CHEM 100. I am also a member in the Chemistry & Biochemistry club. In this program I would like to navigate with you THREE main things in what I call the pyramid of success (yes, I call it a pyramid since I’m Egyptian). These three main things are having a plan, mental health, and time management. In my free time, I either listen to Jazz, watch political podcasts, or deep philosophical documentaries.

Kelsey Moreno


WHATS UP YALL?? My name is Kelsey Moreno! My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am going into my 4th year here at CSUN as a Film Production Major with an emphasis on Film editing! I am also a part of the CSUN Women's Rugby Team so if you are interested in playing let me know! This is my first year in the Mentorship program but I am so excited to share all my tips and tricks with my new incoming mentees! The best resource I could offer is to learning how to find a community here at csun. I know for me being a student that isn't a commuter or from around the area I had to find a community on campus that fit right with me. So if you're thinking I don't know where I belong or how I'm going to fit in, have no fear we will go into finding you a place at CSUN that fits all your needs. I will also be available for any help anywhere else. Academic, social, financial I will be your resource to use to lead you in the right direction! Im excited to get to know each and everyone of you this upcoming year! Lets get in to it!

Ian Posey

What’s up Matadors! My name is Ian Posey, I am 21 years old, and a 4th year majoring in Child and Adolescent Development. Along with the CSUN Mentorship program, I am also apart of New Student Orientation, Greek life, Sunny Days Camp, and the Gamesroom on campus. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and going to music festivals. Through CSUN I have learned and experienced many things that will allow me to be a good mentor. My goal as a mentor is to help my mentees build their home at CSUN. I am very excited to meet my mentees and make strong connections with them in order to better there experience here at CSUN!

Diego Quijada

Hello Matadors! My name is Diego Quijada, my pronouns are he/him/his and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Engineering Management. A little bit about my involvements in campus are that I am currently part of NSO and Greek Life for now, but I'm looking forward to join more organizations on campus. Some of the things I enjoy doing is playing soccer and spending time with friends to go on adventures. I desire to help my mentees by being there whenever they have a question or even just to be there as a friend and feel like they are home. Excited to meet you all and see you all succeed at CSUN!!!


Briana Rosales

Hey Matadors! My name is Briana Rosales (she/her/hers) and I am a second year majoring in Deaf Studies. I plan on teaching TK-2nd grade while also interpreting on the side. A little fun fact, I’ve volunteered at a school that had a deaf program! A few organizations I am part of are the EOP program, Hermanas Unidas de CSUN, and New Student Orientation. Aside from academics, I enjoy journaling, listening to music, hiking at national parks, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am so excited to be part of the program this year and meet everyone! I was also a mentee my freshman year and now can help enhance other’s college experience. I hope to become a person my mentee’s come to for advice or help, and show them the fun in being a matador!

Uriel Tapia

Hello everyone! My name is Uriel Tapia, my pronouns are he/him. I am a senior majoring in Public Health. I plan to continue my education in nursing school and become a Nurse Practitioner. Here at CSUN, I am also a Matador Mentor in the New Student Orientation program, and I am a part of the Board of Directors in the University Student Union. On my free time I like hanging out with friends and family going to the beach, movies, mall, and Disneyland. I was a mentee in this program my freshman year and it helped me so much. It helped my come out of my comfort zone and with that I made so many friends along with making connections. My mentor helped me so much, through their guidance and help I succeed here at CSUN. CSUN is my home away from home. As a mentor my goal is to help you here at CSUN and see you succeed. I’ll help you get involved on campus, show you how to utilize all the different resources we have, be your friend, support system, and help you succeed at CSUN. If ya’ll have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. 

Renz Torres


Hello friends! My name is Renz Torres, and you’re watching the Disney Channel. My gender pronouns are he/him/his. I am a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Entertainment Media Management. Some fun facts (or at least I think they’re fun) about me: my favorite show of all time is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I can speak (barely) 3 languages — English, Visayan, and Tagalog (4 if you include my basic ASL). Also, over the summer I fell down the BTS rabbit hole, so I have their songs on repeat right now o_O. As a first-generation student and someone who came from a tiny tiny high school with a graduating class of fewer than 100 students :o, I remember feeling lost and confused as I entered University life. Now, as a mentor, I’m passionate about helping other students find the resources they need to succeed at CSUN. Since this is my second year as a Peer Mentor, know that you’re in good hands (thanks to my previous mentees for being my guinea pigs XD). I can’t wait to pass on some of my CSUN knowledge to you all!

Jean Tusubira


Hello! My name is Jean Julian Tusubira. I am a transfer student from Moorpark college (beautiful campus) and I am currently going into senior year here at CSUN as an Accounting major. My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. It is a pleasure to be a part of the CSUN mentorship program. I love to dance, shop, decorate my room, and read, when I am not being lazy about it… It can be a difficult transition from high school to College and I hope I can help make that transition easier for you as we navigate through university life, especially through this virtual environment. I love being able to help people and want to help my fellow students find spaces they can feel welcomed, engage with people that they perhaps may not have otherwise, and just simply find a place of belonging hear on our campus. When I transferred from community college, getting involved is what helped me meet all the people I consider dear to me today. It helped me navigate not only university life, but professional life as well, and I continue to make connections with the amazing people I’m surrounded by. Along with the CSUN Mentorship Program, I am also involved in the Accounting Association and African Students Organization. Do not be discouraged to put yourself out there because we are now behind a screen! I want to help you make the best of your college experience, even virtually, because you’re never going to get this time back, why not enjoy it with your fellow students who are facing the same challenges. Everything in life happens in its own time and it happens for a reason. I am very grateful for my time here at CSUN and I hope you can make connections that add that same value to your lives as well. As a mentor, I hope to help you make the stresses that come along with this experience manageable, help you navigate the many resources, clubs and organization on campus, support you academically and personally, and be someone you can rely on and reach out to without having to hold parts of yourself back.

Leslie Valle

Hey Matadors! My name is Leslie Valle, my pronouns are she/her/ella and I am so exciting to get to know you all, but before we do that I’ll share a few things about myself. I was born and raised in sunny San Diego and didn’t move to the valley until I started college. I am the second oldest out of 4 other siblings coming from a traditional Mexican household. I am the first in my family to go to a four-year university. This is now my 5th year at CSUN studying Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Communications. Some of my favorite activities include going to the beach, finding new places to hike, spending time with my emotional support dog Charlie, and watching Hulu/Netflix to relax. I hope to be a helping hand to any of you all academically, socially and personally. If you ever see me on campus or walking Charlie please say hi J!

Jeryd Word

Hey Y'all! My name is Jeryd Word. I am 20 years old and going into my third year here at CSUN as a Music Major. Besides this awesome Mentorship Program, I also work at the SRC and am involved in New Student Orientation. My hobbies include finding new spots to eat, watching anime, and listening to music. Coming to college I had poor time management and studying skills and started to notice a decline in my academics, but being involved with my mentor and finding resources on campus that could my my situation has helped me get to where I am today. As a mentor, I hope to help you access all the tools, resources, and clubs that CSUN has to offer that can benefit your wants and needs during your college career