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Celebrating 30 Years of EOP Summer Bridge

July 14, 2014

The program is proud to celebrate 30 years of EOP Summer Bridge!

The very first Bridge Program was held the summer of 1968. One year later, the California Legislature launched the Educational Opportunity Program in the California State University (CSU) system. That first Summer Bridge had a handful of students arrive on campus for an eight-week residential experience that would help them transition to the university experience. Shortly thereafter Summer Bridge Programs were stopped for a number of years.

EOP however, continued to flourish and 30 years ago this year, California State University, Northridge reinstituted EOP Summer Bridge, establishing and sustaining a tradition of providing high potential students with hope and opportunity to succeed. During these three decades, over 7000 students have “crossed the Bridge” to the university. Many have graduated, some attended graduate school and others have immediately pursued their professional careers. EOP is proud to have been a small part of their success.

Here is a video detailing the EOP Bridge experience here at CSUN:


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