Malaya Jackson

 Malaya Jackson

Malaya Jackson
Milt & Debbie Valera EOP Resilient Scholars Program Peer Mentor

Preferred pronoun: She/Her/Hers

Major: Communication Disorders: Speech Pathology

Expected graduation date: 2022

Role model: Grandma 

Favorite subject: Ethnic Studies

Favorite hobbies: Reading/watching album and artist reviews, Listening to music, Journaling, Being outside, Going for walks, Cooking new recipes

Favorite quote: "It's not about what it is. It's about what it can become."  - The Lorax 

I can’t live without: My family, the sun, the moon, & music

Something people might not know about me: I love Halloween; so much to the point that I start celebrating months in advance!!! I love horror films as well!

If you could hang out with someone you admire (from the past or current), who would it be and why? 

Rachel Meghan Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle) is a phenomenal woman who I admire very much. No other reason why than because of her poise. She's remarkable! 

If you could change the world, what would you do? There is oh so much that demands reformation in this world. I am an advocate for Black Lives, Women's Rights, and LGBTQ+ Rights. Anything progressive, that especially highlights those topics, I'll root for!

Where do you see yourself in ten years? I definitely like to live a very organic way of life in the sense of not planning too much of my future; however, I see myself with at least two degrees, holding a career job that encourages creativity, excitement and positive change, and surrounding myself by those who reciprocate the love I give.  

What makes you Resilient? My existence is what makes me resilient!!! I am enough, because I am!