photo of woman holding protest signThe Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) emerged from the Civil Rights movement of the late 1960s as a response to the call for access and equity to higher education. As a result of this hard fought, student-led campaign, there is now an EOP at 23 California State University campuses. This program continues to provide access and various support services for students from first generation, historically low-income, disadvantaged backgrounds. Through its commitment to providing access and innovative support services to thousands of underrepresented students each year, EOP remains a critical component of the California State University system.

At CSUN, EOP has grown into a program that not only focuses on providing its students with academic support services, but also offers a variety of innovative programs. It has become the bridge to higher education for underrepresented high school students (EOP Transitional Programs), a mentoring hub with resources and services for the entire CSUN community (EOP Faculty Mentor Program), it has adopted holistic & connectivity delivery methods to better support students (EOP Satellites in each college), it has developed an assistance program for CSUN’s former foster youth (EOP Resilient Scholars Program), and developed tools to ensure student success and retention (TEWS - The EOP Early Warning System). Most importantly CSUN EOP has changed the lives of thousands of students who did not think that they could access a college education.



You can view the history of our program here at CSUN, through our video documentary:



Celebrating 45 years of EOP