Examples of Financial Documents

Why does CSUN EOP require a financial document?

One of the initial criteria to be considered for EOP at CSUN is to meet the low income guidelines. Submission of federal tax documents (or other financial documents if your household does not, and is not required to, file taxes) is required in order to enable us to determine whether or not a student meets these low-income guidelines. See below for examples.

For security reasons, these documents should ONLY be faxed, mailed, or walked in – please DO NOT email them.

In addition, for your own peace of mind, please cover or cross out all of the social security numbers except for the last four digits of the applicant’s social security number on all financial documents. Make sure that any bank account information is also covered or crossed out.

My Household Files Taxes

If your household files taxes, you must submit your household’s 2016-2017 tax transcript (order from the IRS website by clicking here) or a complete 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ federal tax return.

Important note: You must submit ALL pages of the 1040 federal tax return including the Schedule C, SE or Schedule E (if applicable). If anything is listed on lines 12 or 17 on the 1040, you will need to submit these documents. You do not need to submit the California tax.

Example: The first page of the 1040 federal tax return will look something like this. Make sure to submit ALL of the pages of the federal tax return.

(click to enlarge)



My Household Does Not File Taxes

If your household does not, and is not required to, file taxes, please submit a

CSUN EOP Income Verification Form

as well as one of the following documents (must be current): Statement of County, State or Federal Benefits:

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability Benefit Statement
Social Security Benefits Statement
CalWorks/Gain/General Relief/Food Stamps benefit statement
Dependency Documents - Ward of the Court/Foster


Transfer students only: Current financial aid award
Military: If unemployed and not attending college, proof of military benefits