EOP FMP Coordinator

EOP Faculty Mentoring Program Coordinator,
Glenn Omatsu

FMP Coordinator

The work of the Faculty Mentor Program emphasizes three organizing principles:

1. Training faculty, staff, and peer mentors in the art of “mentoring on the run” – i.e., seeing every interaction with a student, no matter how brief, as a mentoring moment;
2. Building a “community of mentors” for programs on our campus; 
3. Promoting a “culture of mentoring” within programs and for our university as a whole.

The Faculty Mentor Program implements these organizing principles mainly through our work with EOP Transitional Programs for freshmen, and we also have shared our mentoring approach with a number of other programs on campus, such as Resilient Scholars, “Building Connections for Success” Title V Program, College of Humanities Peer Mentoring Project, Educational Psychology & Counseling Department’s College Counseling project for graduate students in Freshman Seminar classes, McNair Scholars, and Academic Coaches of DRES (Disability Resources and Educational Services).