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Hello EOP Peers!  Despite the adversity we are facing, I want to remind us all that we have come so far and have gone through so much. We are strong and capable of going through this pandemic, and all the challenges that come with it. Never feel alone, we are a family and we will get through this!

Image quote reads: "Hello EOP Peers! Despite the adversity we are facing, I want to remind us all that we have come so far and have gone through so much. We are strong and capable of going through this pandemic, and all the challenges that come with it. Never feel alone, we are a family and we will get through this! - Isela


Image quote reads: "Hope you guys are all doing well! Wish you nothing, but positivity and encouragement for you all. We have made it this far, so hold on and keep going forward.  Best wishes for every single one of you.  Y’all got this! - Dalia


Image quote reads: "Just remember for as awful and lonely as it feels this is all so very temporary. It’s a horribly lonely feeling but I’m comforted knowing I’m not alone in this feeling and I try to reach out to someone different everyday. If you don’t feel like you can do it alone reach out there are plenty of resources available. Stay safe and I’m sending virtual hugs. - Sara C.


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Image quote reads: "We may feel like our life is currently on hold due this pandemic. However, there are many other things that doesn't have to be on hold such as: reaching out to our loved ones/friends by texting, calling, video-call them, send someone an email to let them know we are in this together, to hang in there. Try to offer moral support for the seniors who lives alone to deliver food by the door, or go grocery shopping for them too. Spending time with your kids at home or your parents. Be someone's helping hand. Every person has the ability to make a positive impact in someone else's life. Stay home. Stay healthy. - Nicole L.


Image quote reads: "We're going through some difficult time right now and nobody knows when this will end and how things are going to be afterwards. But EOP taught me that we are community, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am today. They gave me a chance to succeed in college and I am so thankful to them for that. God willing things will get normal as soon as possible and our lifes will go back as they were before. We just gotta be patience and have faith. - Erick L.


Image quote reads: "Just a small reminder that we all should not give up. We are almost finished with this semester, so just continue to do your best. I know that now being in a different environment changes your motivations to keep going, but find a new one. A motivation could also be yourself, believe in yourself and you will go far. Be safe during this time, encourage one another to keep going and achieve each other’s goals. - Viridiana


Image quote reads: "Though this time may be difficult for many of us, we must remember that this is only a blip in our journey. Many of us may have been laid off, having a hard time adjusting to the new ways that classes are being conducted, or dealing with loneliness during this time. Find ways to stay connected to your support systems on and off campus. I hope that everyone can use this time to offer support to one another. - Amaatullah S.


Image quote reads: "Life comes with no instructions included, we are the ones that have the power to make it happen. We are in this together, we don't surrender, nor give up. We have struggled to get where we are and we have proven to ourselves that we are unstoppable. We have the patience, courage, understanding, and love to better ourselves to be a Matador Alumni. This situation will pass but not forgotten. Let's be positive and smile at life because peers we got this! - Zuma S.


Image quote reads: "Hey guys, I know our world has been turned upside down, quite literally. Right now more than ever is the time where we need to stand strong like our grandparents and ancestors. Even though they faced difficult situations like mistreatment, hate, health issues, ridiculously long work hours, they kept on plugging forwards to provide a better life for us and now we need to display and put on that same courage, bravery, strength, and most of all love in this period of adversity. Together we must come and build one another up, check up on one another, and continue to encourage each other. Just because we cannot be physically close to one another, does not mean we cannot be emotionally close to one another. We can still watch movies together, listen to music together, play video games together, eat together, and sing and dance together, just in a new format-through technology! This difficult period of life shall pass and we will come out stronger than ever before. Hang in there, si se puede. In prayer, peace, love, and hope, be well, - Ashley C


Image quote reads: "Hola EOP Family. We have come across many difficult obstacles in our lives and every single time we have overcome them. This is just one of them, we have done so much to get here. We will overcome this, don’t give up. We can ALL do this. - Erica


Image quote reads: "Hey EOP Fam! Regardless of the circumstances we are in right now remember to smile. Many may say it’s a drag being stuck at home but we shouldn’t think of it as being stuck, we should think of it as being safe at home. There are many who would like to be with their families yet are risking their health to serve us! Shout out to all of you who are essential workers. Thank you! Remember to not take anything or anyone for granted and remember that you’re never alone you have your loved ones and an entire EOP community. Stay strong ! - Ingrid C.


Image quote reads: "Change is hard and adjusting to a new form of learning will just starting college or it being your last year, however we can do it and will get through it. Staying a community is a great way to keep each other motivated and continue with academics and life. There will be obstacles and challenges, but together we can find ways to help each other and keep going. Take charge of your life and education. Do it for yourself and for those who couldn’t or can’t. - Jessenia H.


Image quote reads: "You are meant to do this! Keep on swimming! - Jennifer R.
Image quote reads: "Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and focusing on your classes! Keep moving forward because the semester will soon come to an end. Finish strong as you will see yourself progress and improve as students and human beings. Please do not be afraid to reach out when you need help or when you need to talk to someone about issues you are suffering with. I made that mistake to let a program rejection letter affect me heavily that I missed important lectures and I have upcoming exams to study for. Reaching out to my mentors and faculty has helped me keep my head up because it was the hardest thing to hear from a program that you really wanted to get into but was not successful. It is not the end of the world when you receive a rejection letter because you also have to put yourself in their shoes. They have many applicants and it is a really hard decision to choose the students who will help your program and how it can affects someone's career in the future. My motivation was helping students achieve their goal and get through college with different experiences all around. I learn from students' experiences and that makes me grow as a better person with a new skill for both. I could not find myself learning this until I reached out about my issues and it feels really wonderful because there are people who care about you because you have potential to keep pushing forward. I had a positive experience with EOP and whether you had a bad or good experience, do not forget EOP will always be there to help you. Reach out to your faculty and mentors because they are there for you to help you overcome what you are going through. Finish strong and always remember where you come from! - Peter B.

Image quote reads: "Our present shall pass and the future will transpire; therefore, we must relentlessly continue to cultivate our resilient spirit. For as we advance academically in the uncertainty of the present, there is one unwavering factor—your future will absolutely be the brightest gift of all." - Latrell R.


Image quote reads: Hola EOP familia!! I know these are uncertain times, know that one thing is certain. Your ability to overcome obstacles. We have all overcome hard obstacles that have tried and not succeeded to stop us. Know that this is just another obstacle that we will overcome. Stay strong, motivated, positive and safe. And know we are in this together because we are a Family!!" - Lourdes


Image quote reads: "Hello Matadors - We have so many things to look forward to when Covid 19 is over. We have an opportunity to reconnect with friends and love ones we have had to distance ourselves from. We have an opportunity to go to our favorite places and it will feel new or refreshing. Must importantly we will be one step closer to accomplishing our goals or dreams." - Taneisha B.


Image quote reads: "It might be stormy now, but rain doesn't last forever! This too shall pass... You got this, EOP! Stay healthy and safe! - Ani Harutyunyan, Director of Student Services Center/EOP - College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Image quote reads: "I know these are challenging moments and that it’s difficult at times to maintain a positive perspective, but this is temporary.This is just an obstacle along the way that will pass.Try to stay focused, motivated and true to your goals. You all have a purpose! Remember that you’re not alone through this process. You have an EOP family who is very supportive! Reach out to others if you need to; it’s okay to ask for help. Take care of yourself and as a reminder, you are resilient and capable of so much!" - Stephanie Castro, Academic Advisor - Student Services Center/EOP - College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Image quote reads: "Life is filled with obstacles and uncertainties, but you are only faced with challenges that you’re strong enough to overcome. This means you are capable of overcoming anything thrown your way. Stay positive; you will only grow stronger and wiser from this." - Zeneh Farhan, Academic Advisor - Student Services Center/EOP - College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Image quote reads: "During such difficult times, we tend to find ourselves analyzing what is to come next. Although there is so much unknown at the moment, it is essential for you to continue reaching out and asking for help. Here at the Career Center, our EOP Career Program is dedicated to helping you during this time to ensure you continue your major/career exploration and to grow professionally. As times continue to get challenging, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. We will do our best to provide you with the resources essential to continue your career and professional development, and remember, like Frida Khalo once said, “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” We are here for you! Stay safe & well! - WHO ARE WE?!??" - Hector Carrillo & Esmeralda Martinez-Rosales, EOP Career Program - CSUN Career Center


Image quote reads: "Each and every day I am inspired by all of you and how hard you work to be in college despite any challenges you might face. Now more than ever your fighting spirit shines through. These are hard times and it may not be easy to do work at home and some of you may feel very alone! But always remember you are part of our EOP family and we believe in you! Reach out to us, friends and family if you need to talk. Don’t give up on school, because every little bit of effort is a success. You can do it, so never stop believing in yourself! Stay safe, stay strong and sending you all lots of love!" - Elizabeth Riegos-Olmos, Director of Student Services Center/EOP - College of Science & Mathematics


Image quote reads: "We know that these are challenging times and we want you to know that we believe in your ability to adapt, grow and over all persistence to succeed. Some days might be harder than others, but rest assured you are not alone. You have an extended family that is ready to help and support you during these times. Best wishes!" - Gladys Mendez, SHP-PEP Program Coordinator/ Academic Advisor - Student Services Center/EOP - College of Science & Mathematics