CSUN Dream Project Information

The DREAM Project aims to increase student success and foster an undocumented student-receptive culture at CSUN through the following outcomes: 1) increase knowledge of programs and resources vital to undocumented student recruitment and retention; 2) develop campus literacy of university, state and federal policies affecting undocumented students; 3) enhance leadership and professional development; 4) increase on-campus employment opportunities for low-income students; and 5) facilitate collaboration and networking between undocumented, peers, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members.

Contact information and location:

Dario Fernandez, Coordinator - e-mail

University Student Union (USU) - Building C (on the left hand side of the USU Reservation and Events Services.

18111 Nordhoff St.

Northridge, CA 91330

Mail Stop: 8453

818-677-7069 (Phone)

818-677-7179 (Fax)

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