COVID-19 Information for Faculty/Staff: Virtual Instruction

Abstract image of campus science building.

I know my class is now virtual, but can I give exams in person to ensure proctoring?

No, all quizzes and exams offered while the campus is on virtual instruction must be implemented through an alternate modality. Students should not be expected to take exams in person until we are back in a regular mode of instruction. Faculty Development has resources to support best practices in online testing.

Is there any exemption from virtual instruction for labs/music recitals/performances?

No. There will be no face-to-face instruction, final exams, instructional labs or small group seminars through the end of the spring semester and finals.

If campus remains open, why is my class now virtual?

Public health officials have noted that one of the primary ways to reduce transmission of COVID-19 is to ensure adequate social distance between people. Virtual instruction allows all classes to maintain instruction while ensuring that students and faculty are appropriately distanced. In addition, virtual instruction substantially reduces the number of people on campus, reducing density and encouraging appropriate social distance.

Will video content streamed or uploaded to Canvas still need to be captioned?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements remain in effect. Existing accommodations for students in your class remain in effect and must be met as content is delivered. If no student in the class has an existing DRES accommodation, we ask that you make “reasonable accommodations” as per the ADA. In the context of a declared emergency with a closed class, it is reasonable that once accommodations of students enrolled are met, content can be streamed or uploaded to a closed course Canvas site. Over time, as possible, that content should be either captioned or removed. More information and resources on captioning are available here.