Virtual Groups - Summer 2020

University Counseling Services (UCS) will be offering select telemental health groups and workshops for currently enrolled students via Zoom Health during the summer. 

How to Sign Up for a Virtual Therapy Group

There are a number of ways to get more information about a group or workshop we are offering at University Counseling Services.

  • If you are interested in learning more about our group or workshop, please speak with your individual therapy provider at UCS, or call (818) 677-2366, option 1 and ask to speak with the counselor who is leading the group or workshop. 
  • If you do not have an individual therapy provider at UCS or are unsure which group is a good fit for you, please email Dr. Elizabeth Poloskov, UCS’ Groups Coordinator.
  • Submit a Group and Workshop Interest Form, and University Counseling Services will contact you.

Coping Through a Pandemic Support Groups:

Is adjusting to life, school, work, family, friends, etc. during COVID-19 stressing you out?  Do you feel alone?  Like you're struggling by yourself to make sense of life under the pandemic?  You are not alone.  That's why UCS has created the Coping Through a Pandemic Support Groups to provide students a safe space to learn coping strategies, get support in creating schedules and healthy habits, and connect with other students who are going through it as well.  Having a supportive environment in which to talk about what you are going through can help you get through this difficult time.

Coping Through a Pandemic Support Group 
Mondays: 11am to 12pm
Tuesdays: 1pm to 2pm
Wednesdays: 11am to 12pm

Coping Through a Pandemic Support Group - LGBTQIA+ Students
Mondays: 3pm to 4:30pm

Coping Through a Pandemic Support Group - International Students
Thursdays: 10am to 11am

Coping Through a Pandemic Support Group - First Generation Students
Fridays: 10am to 11am

Graduate Psychotherapy Support

Commiserate with others who understand the stresses of graduate school.  In a safe, supportive environment, discuss personal concerns such as relationship issues, family problems, challenging advisors, and juggling responsibilities.

Day and Time to be determined

Grief and Loss Support

Experienced a significant loss?  Connect with a supportive group of peers dealing with death, loss, and grief.

Wednesdays: 2:30pm to 4pm

Parenting Support

This group allows student parents to connect with others experiencing similar daily struggles in a safe, non-judgmental space.  Topics will be parent driven, but may include: routines, homework, child behaviors, transitions, etc.

Mondays: 3pm to 4:30pm

Understanding Self & Others

A warm & supportive environment in which you can explore new ways of relating to others, connect through sharing personal experiences, and gain insight into yourself.

Tuesdays: 2pm to 3:30pm
Thursdays: 2pm to 3:30pm

We're First (First Generation Student Support)

Safe space for first generation college students to discuss the challenges they face and receive guidance and support in navigating those challenges. If you're the first person in your family to go to college, among the first in your family to pursue a B.A., the first in your family to attend college in the U.S., or you identify as a first generation college student in any other way, this group is for you!

Fridays: 1pm to 2:30pm

Winning at Emotions: Skills for Coping with Your Feelings

Overwhelming emotions? Difficulty coping with what life brings? Welcome to a safe, supportive space to learn valuable distress tolerance, mindfulness, and emotion regulation skills.

Tuesdays: 10:30am to 12pm

Writer's Block for Graduate Students

With the support of others, explore blocks that keep you stuck and unable to write.  Develop strategies for conquering writer's block.

Thursdays: 2:30pm to 4pm