Communication Studies

Dave Keating

Dave Keating
Social Influence, Quantitative Research Methodology, Health Communication
(818) 677-2788
Office location:
MZ 351


Dave Keating joined the Department of Communication Studies at CSUN in 2016. Professor Keating completed a BA in communication from the University of Arizona, and he earned his MA and PhD in communication from Michigan State University. He teaches a variety of courses in the communication science area, including communication theory, research methods, and persuasion. 

Professor Keating's research is situated broadly in the areas of social influence and health communication. In the domain of social influence, for example, he studies how people cognitively organize their beliefs and how persuasive messages influence people's beliefs and behaviors. He often tests theory in applied health contexts. 

In his spare time, Professor Keating enjoys playing board games, ranting about how his Utah Jazz are perennially underappreciated, and spending time with his wife and dog.