1:00pm – 2:00pm 

In Attendance: Natalie Mason-Kinsey, Marcella DeVeaux, Barrett Morris, Farrell Webb, Marta Lopez, Ellen Stohl, Boris Ricks, Carlos Fuentes, John Valdovinos, Deion Turner, Theresa White, Debra Hammond, Jessica Steiner, Janet Oh, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Michael Neubauer, Matt Baram, Stephanie Barboza, Pastor Charles Humphrey

Discussion Items:

A. Introductions:

Commissioners took turns introducing themselves as new members have joined.

B. Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant:

It was noted that the grant scoring rubric has been added to box. Commissioners who do not have access should contact Azam at

for assistance. It was recommended that commissioners review any submitted proposals prior to the commission’s next meeting, which is scheduled to be held on Friday, October 9 th . After reviewing submissions, commissioners were directed to email Azam the name of the grant proposal, the person who submitted the proposal and their score. Commissioners agreed that the October meeting should be extended to two hours, to accommodate discussions related to the proposals.

C. Campus Action Plan Workgroups:

It was noted that suggested changes to these workgroups must be sent to Natalie or Azam no later than 8am on Wednesday, 9/16 to be considered. The cabinet recommended combining the following workgroups:

- 1 st group: 1+4+10 It was noted that Academic Advising has not yet nominated an employee to serve on this workgroup. Commissioners Deion Turner and Debra Hammond will collaborate to appoint students to this workgroup.

- 2 nd group: 2+7 It was noted that this workgroup is lacking adequate staff and student representation.

- 3 rd group: 3+8 Debra Hammond suggested that she be included on this workgroup.

- 4 th group: 5+9 It was suggested that an invitation be offered to a student coordinator of the Black House to serve on this workgroup. A commissioner also recommended inviting Delphia Williams to serve on this workgroup.

- 5 th group: 6 – too broad to combine with another group.

It was noted that Gabriel Gutierrez is the Chair of the Chicana/o Studies Department. A commissioner recommended inviting Martha Escobar to serve on this workgroup.

D. Campus Diversity Strategic Workplan Roll Out:

It was noted that each workgroup will have a unique timeline, which they will be responsible for disclosing. It was noted that there may be some overlap between the subjects of these workgroups and grant proposals the commission may receive, however the proposals may still be innovative in regard to their target audience or scope. A commissioner recommended interviewing some individuals whose submissions are being considered, if clarification is needed to determine their ability to bring the project to fruition.

End: The meeting concluded at 2:00pm.

Action Items:

1. Azam will share the rubric, and workgroup document with commissioners

2. Commissioners will provide Natalie/Azam suggested revisions to the workgroup document by 8am on Wednesday, 9/16.

3. Commissioners will review and score proposals prior to the commission’s next meeting, on Friday, 10/09