2:03pm – 3:50pm


In Attendance: President Harrison, Mary-Beth Walker, Jill Smith, William Watkins, Robert Gunsalus, Rick Evans, Ranjit Phillip, Kristina De la Vega, Natalie Mason-Kinsey, Marcella DeVeaux, Carlos Fuentes, Marta Lopez, Mary-Patricia Stein, Ellen Stohl, Michael Neubauer, Debra Hammond, Theresa White, Irene Tovar, Charles Humphrey, Deion Turner, Elizabeth Gutierrez

Discussion Items:

A. Welcome & Introductions:

After introductions, President Harrison expressed gratitude for everyone’s commitment to upholding an equitable environment on campus. She explained that the President’s Cabinet and the Commission on Diversity & Inclusion will work together to confront bias, institutional racism and to transform institutional policies. It was noted that there are plans to allocate funds to support initiatives, that will meet the needs of the campus and community by addressing any inequities that may be observed. It was suggested that the cabinet meets with the commission once a semester to exchange ideas, and to align efforts.

B. Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant Rubric

The grant and rubric were presented as a collaborative effort, and it was noted that the commission will be responsible for reviewing proposals and making recommendations to cabinet. It was decided that the rubric will be provided to applicants, to ensure that applicants are aware of what criteria their proposals must meet to be selected. It was noted that alumni and other members of the CSUN community will be eligible to submit proposals. There was a discussion regarding whether or not the grant will be ongoing or if it is a one-time opportunity. It was explained that due to budget concerns, the amount of funding offered each year may differ, however the administration is committed to making this an ongoing program.

C. CSUN 10-Point Plan

It was noted that each workgroup will be responsible for creating and tracking measurable benchmarks for their specific assignment. Additionally, a commissioner expressed concern that staff do not receive release time to perform this work, while faculty do.

1. There were no suggested changes to this point

2. It was suggested that Faculty Affairs be added to this point

3. It was noted that resources must be allocated to ensure that this point is brought to fruition. A commissioner suggested including A representative from Student Affairs

4. There was a discussion regarding the clarity of this point’s purpose. It was noted that this point is meant to ensure that departments such as Career Services provide outreach to Black students. Additionally, it was explained that this point should provide Black students with an understanding of any challenges they may face in the job market, industry trends, and allow for mentorship opportunities. It was noted that some schools such as the David Nazarian School of Business and Economics (DNCBE) provide these services to their students rather than relying solely on the Career Services department. It was noted that the department of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) provides a coach for first year CSUN students living with impairments, who assists students in identifying and refining goals geared toward a career after college.

Commissioners expressed concern that some cabinet members’ names appear repeatedly, and some are not listed at all.

5. A commissioner noted the importance of capturing the oral history of individuals who are making efforts in today’s movements. A cabinet member agreed and explained that as some accounts may include multimedia or visual arts, there may be a need to separate this into two points. It was explained that when the workgroup begins addressing this point, they may break prioritize oral accounts or visual accounts separately, on a case-by-case basis.

6. It was explained that the California Faculty Association (CFA) will partner with CSUN’s Chief Diversity Office (CDO) to perform anti-racism training across campus. It was noted that Human Resources partners with campus entities such as the CDO and Facutly Development to establish a platform for these types of discussions, and they hope to partner with the CDO and Equity & Diversity (E&D) this upcoming year. It was explained that union leaders must be consulted before anti-racism training can be deemed mandatory for CSUN employees. A commissioner explained that making this training mandatory is paramount to ensuring systemic, transformational change. A commissioner requested that this point be reworded to inform the campus that the group is exploring the possibility of making anti-racism training mandatory. It was suggested that this point also include language stating that “Ethnic Studies experts” will be included in the workgroup.

7. It was suggested that this point be written in a manner that would be clearer and easier for campus constituents to understand. A commissioner suggested adding language regarding “culturally relevant pedagogy” back into this point.

8. A cabinet member suggested inviting Reverend Lawson to speak on campus. It was noted that the Black Alumni Chapter will be hosting a conference directed towards career development, networking and becoming an agent of change. As such, a cabinet member recommended that they be included in the work group responsible for this point. It was noted that this point is separate from the point regarding the development of a Black Institute, and that is because the Institute has not yet been established. Keeping the two separate will allow for this work to get done sooner. It was noted that this work will begin on campus, however the goal is for these efforts to positively impact and include the community.

9. It was noted that in order to seek funding from donors, business plans must first be established. A commissioner suggested including a request for fundraising for the institute under this point.

10. It was noted that President Harrison recently authorized the department of University Counseling Services to hire four new counselors.

D. Discussion of Announcement to Campus

It was noted that as many faculty members are on break for the summer, it may be beneficial to refrain from making these announcements until they return. It was noted that there should be multiple announcements to ensure that everyone is informed, and reminded of the deadline to submit a proposal.

End: The meeting concluded at 3:50pm