1:03 pm – 2:11 pm


In Attendance: Natalie Mason-Kinsey, Marcella DeVeaux, Farrell Webb, Theresa White, Marta Lopez, Carlos Fuentes, John Valdovinos, Andrew Diaz, Janet Oh, Jessica Steiner, Debra Hammond, Elena Miranda, Sylvia Macauley, Sarina Loeb, Ellen Stohl, Barrett Morris, Pastor Charles Humphrey, Michael Neubauer, Deion Turner, Stephanie Barboza

Discussion Items:

A. ¡Excelencia! Recap:

CSUN hosted the event, which celebrated 25 years of transforming Hispanic serving institutions. It was suggested that the commission use data from this event to compare the university nationally.

B. DEIG Updates:

A commissioner suggested that when DEIG final reports are received, the group should consider how to quantify and report out the results. A commissioner asked if there is any expectation for commissioners to review the DEIG final reports that will be submitted this summer. It was noted that there may only be an expectation for the reports to be discussed if the proposer is applying for a second grant. It was shared that cabinet believes the 21-22 draft DEIG calendar is too long, and grants should be awarded sooner – ideally in October. Cabinet also was informed that the word stipend shouldn’t be used in the call for proposals moving forward. Additionally, Cabinet has expressed an interest in communicating to campus about the grant and making the finalized calendar public this semester.

A commissioner questioned whether there should be a different rubric for proposals being considered for a second round? The group did not conclude whether this should be implemented. It was noted that the remaining commission meetings for this year will include time to work on the annual report.

C. Matters Arising

There was some discussion regarding a program on campus which allows open source resources to be provided to students on an opt-out basis in an effort to increase freshman access to learning materials. Several commissioners expressed that this initiative may be designed to benefit vendors rather than students. Specifically, it was noted that USU book grants are not considered an allowable payment method for books through this program. Moreover, it was noted that there is insufficient data to conclude that this initiative successfully addresses equity gaps. A commissioner noted that several employees in the university library have also questioned the efficacy of this program.

D. Faculty Affiliates:

The new faculty affiliates joined the meeting and introduced themselves. They explained the scope of their roles, and that they will be working with Faculty Affairs to diversify faculty.

A commissioner asked the faculty affiliates to speak about how their work is progressing, and where they see their work expanding to in the remainder of the semester? The faculty affiliates explained, their goal for this semester is to focus on recruitment. They have begun reviewing the CSUN search and screen manual and hope to identify where there may be potential issues, and what components might be missing. They have been reviewing literature on recruitment best practices and doing fact finding by taking with departments that are conducting searches. Additionally, they have been examining interview processes, and asking for feedback from search committees on what can or should be improved in the process. It was noted that their positions are new within the university, and do not yet have a budget which would allow them to implement work that will be far-reaching. They are examining processes at other colleges within the CSU system, and also comparing CSUN’s practices to institutions across the nation. A commissioner noted that their positions should be permanent, as training and process monitoring must be implemented to sustain any suggested changes. Commissioners noted that deans should be consulted and must support suggested changes to recruitment processes.

It was expressed deans should be empowered to hold their hiring committees responsible for ensuring a diverse hiring pool. A commissioner questioned the timeline for having the search and screen manuals updated. The faculty affiliates hope to have their suggestions presented to PPR in April, in hopes that suggested changes may be implements prior to the next hiring cycle, which begins in fall. A commissioner questioned where the faculty affiliates are in their efforts to address retention. The faculty affiliates hope to being working on this in the fall.

E. Workgroups

it was shared that Natalie spoke with Robert Gunsalus regarding the Diversity Day of Giving, in hopes to make better connections between advancement and equity initiatives. They discussed scholarships and methods to better communicate better with departments and programs.

A commissioner asked whether or not commission members are required to coordinate meetings for their workgroups. Co-Chair DeVeaux expressed that the commissioners should take initiative. A commissioner noted that committees should consider meeting soon, as some students may be transitioning out at the end of the academic year. A commissioner suggested reviewing the workgroup rosters and making changes to several members. Several commissioners agreed that there is enough representation on the workgroups to begin moving forward. It was reiterated that commissioners should move forward and begin scheduling meetings with the workgroup, as issues with the rosters can be addressed after the work has begun. It was noted that the next commission meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 9 th from 1pm – 2pm.

Meeting concluded at: 2:11 pm

Action Items:

1. Natalie will share data from the Excelencia event with commissioners.

2. Natalie will share the Annual Report template with the commission, so they can begin drafting items that should be included in the report.

3. Natalie will work with Carlos to prepare a statement on behalf of the commission, regarding the Digital Access Program.

4. Azam will provide commissioners with rosters for the workgroups, as well as contact information for the corresponding Cabinet members and their support staff.