1:02pm – 2:13pm


In Attendance: Natalie Mason-Kinsey, Marcella DeVeaux, Farrell Webb, Debra Hammond, Theresa White, John Valdovinos, Sarina Loeb, Marta Lopez, Carlos Fuentes, Janet Oh, Matt Baram, Ellen Stohl, Pastor Charles

Discussion Items:

A. DEIG 2021 Prospective Calendar:

A commissioner provided suggested changes to the google doc, after reviewing the approved academic calendar. It was suggested that commissioners begin reviewing proposals as they are received, rather than waiting until the submission deadline to begin the review process. There was a discussion regarding the possibility of scheduling the first review meeting for a later date, however it was noted that this would give the cabinet less time to review the commission’s suggestions. It was noted that in the previous grant cycle, some proposals required clarification. A commissioner suggested that a sub-committee be tasked with auditing the proposals to ensure that they followed guidelines, and that additional information is not required for the commission to deliberate.

B. DEIG 2021 Call for Proposals:

A commissioner suggested that commissioners develop a zoom orientation for people interested in submitting a proposal. The orientation would provide the campus community with an opportunity to ask questions, and allow commissioners to clarify what proposals should include in order to be selected. A commissioner suggested adding language to the document, that would suggest page lengths for each part of the proposal. Specifically, it was suggested that budget requests should be on a separate page, and that 12pt font and 1-inch margins should be required. A commissioner suggested that the commission develop a template with the correct formatting, and require that all proposals be created on that document. Commissioners suggested the template allow 3 pages for a narrative, one page for the budget, and suggested removing the cover page.

It was noted that the call for proposals must include clear language regarding who is eligible for release time or stipends. Natalie explained that through the previous grant cycle, we learned students may not receive stipends, and would have to be hired as employees. Commissioners noted that student employees’ compensation may vary based on the nature of work being completed. It was suggested that the commission could establish a pay-scale for student employees, specifically including minimum and maximum ranges that would be paid through this grant. There was some reflection on collaboration with cabinet in the previous grant cycle, and it was suggested that cabinet should consider assembling a workgroup to review the proposals.

C. DEIG 2021 Scoring Rubric:

Commissioners suggested that the rubric remain on 5-point scale, rather than a 10-point scale. There was some discussion regarding the benefit of scaffolding being applied to the rubric, to provide clarity and distinction between scores.

D. Letter of Intent:

The group decided that a letter of intent will not be part of this year’s grant cycle.

The meeting concluded at: 2:13 pm

Action items:

1. Natalie will provide cabinet with the draft calendar for their input, specifically to learn if they will need additional time to review the commission’s suggested proposals.

2. Natalie will work with Kristina De la Vega to clarify language that can be used in regard to student workers’ compensation.

3. Commissioners will provide Azam with examples of rubrics they believe the DEIG rubric should resemble, no later than 5pm on 2/19.

4. Azam will provide Theresa White with the current rubric, for her feedback.

5. Azam will share the most recent workgroup roster with the commission.