1:05pm – 1:52pm


In Attendance: Natalie Mason-Kinsey, Carlos Fuentes, Theresa White, Janet Oh, Matt Baram, Marta Lopez, Sarina Loeb, John Valdovinos, Debra Hammond, Barrett Morris, Jessica Steiner, Stephanie Barboza, Michael Neubauer, Ellen Stohl

Discussion Items:

A. DEIG Proposals:

It was shared that cabinet had additional questions for three proposals. Cabinet plans to proceed with funding these proposals, but will be meeting with them to address concerns and assess budgetary needs. A commissioner requested to see the scores each proposal was awarded from the commission. It was noted that not every proposal the commission chose was funded, and some proposals the cabinet selected to fund were not the most highly scored by the commission. It was suggested that if the campus offers a DEIG grant in the future, the commission should have more opportunities to meet and discuss the proposals, as well as the scoring. Commissioners discussed reassessing the grant’s language to clarify its use in regard to faculty stipends as opposed to reassign time. There was some discussion about how staff members could potentially qualify for stipends as well.

B. Campus Action Plan Workgroups:

It was noted that although proposals will address anti-blackness, the workgroups will address some areas that were missed by proposals. It was shared that the President’s office will soon be sharing more information about the workgroups with the campus. There was some discussion about how this work would continue under a new President in January. It was noted that the incoming President will most likely want to review the commission’s efforts, and support current and future initiatives related to diversity and inclusion.

There was some discussion regarding funding connected to these workgroups. It was noted that although there will most likely be funding, the exact amount has not been shared due to campus budget revisions. Commissioners noted that as the campus is undergoing a second round of budget cuts, funds available may be limited.

C. Police Advisory Committee:

This committee was established after suggestions from the townhall meeting to discuss Black Lives Matter. At the time of its first meeting, there will be 3 student representatives, 2 faculty representatives, 2 staff representatives, Ranjit Phillip will serve as the Cabinet Representative and Natalie Mason-Kinsey will serve as the convener. Their first meeting is scheduled to take place in December 2020.

End: The meeting concluded at 1:52pm.

Action Items:

1. Natalie will begin to assess the language used for the grant, and share with the group for discussion.

2. Natalie will reach out to the budget office for more information, regarding what language can be used to allow for staff members to become eligible for stipends through DEIG proposals.