1:02pm – 2:00pm


In Attendance: Natalie Mason-Kinsey, Marcella DeVeaux, Janet Oh, Theresa White, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Jessica Steiner, Ellen Stohl, Sarina Loeb, Deion Turner, Michael Neubauer, Pastor Charles, Debra Hammond, Rudy Ortega, Barrett Morris, Marta Lopez, Boris Ricks

Discussion Items:

A. Workgroups Review:

The rosters for each workgroup were discussed, and commissioners discussed their suggested changes. It was noted that as many commissioners represent several constituencies, the rosters should be changed to reflect the correct constituencies. Some individuals who were selected to serve on workgroups had not yet responded to the President’s Office invitation, and were not listed on the rosters. Commission members offered to reach out to these individuals.

B. Commissioner Check-ins:

Commissioners took turns sharing updates they had from their departments. It was shared that on Thursday 1/14/21, Chair and Co-Chair of the commission will conduct a workshop titled “Interrupting Racism” in partnership with the California Faculty Association (CFA). A commissioner shared that as of November, students have had the ability to update their names and pronouns in PeopleSoft. Commissioners discussed the difficulties of operating fully online. Additionally, the group discussed current events in Washington D.C. and how they compared to peaceful Black Lives Matter protests that occurred over summer.

It was shared that CSUN is working towards formally resolving several complaints and concerns related to discrimination. A commissioner explained that their office is working to provide education related to microaggressions and discrimination, in hopes that addressing these issues before complaints arise can result in a decrease of cases. It was shared that CSUN is one of the top 10 most accessible schools for students in wheelchairs, and a commissioner is working with students to identify and improvements that can be made on campus to increase accessibility. There was some discussion regarding the study abroad program, and how things may change this fall with a new administration and the introduction of a COVID-19 vaccine. It was noted that the Black Student Success Counsel has launched their website which provides resources and a calendar of events. A commissioner shared that after 8 years, a new full-time faculty member will be hired in the Department of Africana Studies, and their specialization will be in History. A commissioner recommended the group look up Sherrilyn Ifill’s efforts to combat voter suppression if they have time, as it related to the scope of the commission. It was noted that as Black History Month approaches, commissioners should share any events that may be occurring in their areas with the Black House, as the events can be added to their calendar.

Meeting concluded at: 2:00pm

Action Items:

1. Natalie will reach out to the President’s Office in regard to updating the workgroup rosters.

2. Once the rosters are updated, Azam will add them to Box.