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GRANT 2020–2021 Grant Rubric

Criteria Far Above Standards (5 pts) Above Standards (4 pts) Meets Standards (3 pts) Below Standards (2 pts) Far Below Standards (1 pts)
Relevance to the Grant Purpose Combines educational projects, scholarly research, creative activities and other programmatic initiatives that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, access, anti-racism and social justice Designed to encourage and enrich understanding and respect for all members of the campus community. Works to enhance development and growth through diversity, equity, inclusion, access and social justice. Addresses a campus need. Presents initiative for one aspect of the grant. Leaves out critical members of the campus community, does not address a campus need. Does not give any information regarding the needs of the campus and/or target audience.
Capacity to Affect a Broad Audience Project shows extensive stakeholder engagements and represents a roadmap to advance inclusive excellence Project clearly is designed to reach, and/or is applicable to the college community and may also include the larger community Project seems to reach a reasonable number of groups/individuals on campus and most can benefit from the project. Project reaches a limited campus constituency. Project fails to address scope, or only reaches select group of individuals.
Innovative New and innovative campus programming that leverages CSUN’s vision to become a national model in the areas of diversity, equity, access, inclusion and social justice Proposed project reflects research, the process of creative thinking and seeks to advance diversity in ways that do not currently exist on campus. Project idea reflects some attempt at research and creativity, but the approach may not be achievable. Project idea lacks research, demonstrates little creating thinking and the approach is unrealistic. Project idea not fully formed.
Potential for Ongoing Impact Proposal includes details of potential sources of support, additional funding and sustainability. Proposal explains the project’s impact on CSUN and how the benefits of the project could continue beyond the funding period. Project has potential for ongoing impact, but proposal does not include details about how to continue beyond the funding period. Project has limited potential. No potential for ongoing impact/not addressed in proposal.
Collaboration Project demonstrates a broad collaborative effort with other departments/divisions/schools/ or outside organizations. Reaches out to a diverse range of people. Project may demonstrate a collaborative effort with others. Project is not presented collaboratively yet does reflect some efforts to reach to others within their department or others on campus. No effort to reach others on campus or in community. Not addressed in proposal.
Budget Budget follows State budget guidelines. Resources have been identified and budget designed to maximize project activities. Additional funding sources, if applicable, have been identified. Budget follows State budget guidelines. Budget is somewhat reasonable, yet fails to identify additional resources or is vague about how funds will be utilized Budget plan lacks clarity. Budget fails to follow State budget guidelines.
Clarity of Proposal Followed the grant guidelines, including formatting, written in clear language and is easy to understand. Provides clarity in ideas presented. Sufficiently addresses guidelines. Followed the formatting guidelines and presents ideas but lacks sufficient detail. Followed some formatting guidelines. Did not follow the formatting guidelines, not easy to follow, vague ideas presented.