Security and Safety Measures

Message Regarding Commencement and Honors Convocation

Security and Safety Measures

As we approach the coming Commencement and Honors Convocation exercises in May, we are actively planning for the thousands of graduates, families and loved ones who will attend this momentous occasion. It is our top priority to ensure a safe and memorable experience for all involved.

In recent years, large-scale public gatherings across the country have added additional security measures. At CSUN, the Department of Police Services has progressively looked at safety and security measures for large events, and we have made changes to maximize the safety of our campus community.

This year, we will institute the use of metal detector screening for everyone entering the commencement venue. Our goal is to maximize safety while striking a balance to ensure that our new security measures are not overly burdensome. This will, however, require that guests arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the start of the commencement exercise — the earlier the better. 

Further, guests should not enter the venue with more than one bag, which can be easily checked, and remember that pocket knives and weapons are prohibited. Additionally, glass bottles of any kind (wine, beer, and soft drinks), selfie sticks, air horns and backpacks are also prohibited. Wrapped gifts are discouraged and are subject to be opened if they do not clear a metal detector.

We regret any inconvenience our increased security causes, but our primary goal is the safety of our students, their families and guests, and our faculty and staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Anne P. Glavin,

Chief of Police