Record Your Name & Ticketing Information

Hello Graduate!  

Graduation is just around the corner, hoorayIn early April you will be receiving two different emails.  

  1. Marching Order: We are working with the company “Marching Order” to provide us a professional way to both see and hear your name as it is called out during your ceremony.  In this email you will be creating an account and filling out how you would like your name to be spelled and pronounced at Commencement.  NOTE: This is for your commencement ceremony only and not for diploma purposes.   

There will be two sections: 

  • Section 1 – Name Spelling Information 
    For this section you will type out your full name as you would like it to appear should we have large video screens during the ceremony.   

  • Section 2 – Record your Name 
    For this section graduates may choose to record their name for our records.  Marching Order will use the recording of your name to help professional name readers re-record your name for the actual ceremony.   

  1. Ticketing: In this email you will receive information on tickets (i.e., how many you will receive, downloading instructions, etc.)  

Again, keep an eye out for these two emails coming early April.  If you have any questions or concerns contact the Commencement Team at or (818) 677-2393. Or visit our webpage at 

Thank you and congratulations!  

Commencement Team   
Office of Student Development and Transitional Programs   
California State University, Northridge