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    CSUN Commencement


Graduates -
We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Grad Parade! Be sure that you have officially registered to participate in the Virtual Commencement Ceremonies and Grad Parade by Friday, May 7th.  A unique registration link was be sent from to the graduate’s CSUN email. For more information on the Commencement Registration please review the "CSUN Virtual Commencement and Car Parade Registration Guide.

Please refer back to this website for updated information on the Car Parade.  


REGISTRATION LINK: A unique registration link was sent from to the graduate’s CSUN email.

DUE BY: All graduates of the classes 2020 and 2021 must register if they wish to participate in the Virtual Commencement Ceremonies and/or the In-Car Commencement Parade by May 7th.
You will receive a follow up email by May 17th with additional information including safety protocols.  



PASSES & CLAIMING: Starting May 17, 2021 vehicle passes (unique QR codes) will be emailed to you directly where they will be prompted to claim their pass in order for it to be activated. Once claimed, Graduates can print out their QR Code for scanning, or have it available to scan on an electronic devise.  Only one pass will be allocated per graduate, and will allow the graduate and their household members to join them in the same vehicle. 


TIME: Through the registration system, Graduates select a 30 minute time slot on when they will participate in the Parade.  There are a limited number of passes per time window and the time window will close once the capacity limit has been reached.: 


LOCATION ENTRANCE and ROUTE: The route will start at the Zelzah Ave. and Prairie St. entrance on the East side of campus. This route will take participants around the most memorable parts of campus and will include special moments like the GradBox and an in-vehicle photo opportunity in front of the University Library. '

TIME: Graduates that do not arrive at the start of their 30-minute time-window may be denied entry. No extra vehicle passes will be given. Graduate must be in the vehicle for the vehicle to be permitted entry.

SEAT: The ticket scanner is on the passenger-side of the vehicle. We will encourage our graduates to be in the front passenger seat or on the passenger side of the vehicle for the best Parade experience.

SCANNING: Students will show their vehicle pass twice: once at the beginning of the check-in line, and again when they want to pick up their GradBox.


The vehicle and safety requirements listed below are in compliance with state and local laws including the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health COVID-19 guidelines.

What kind of vehicles will be allowed? 
Vehicles must be completely enclosed and we cannot permit the following: 

  • Convertibles with the top open
  • Vehicles without doors (like utility off-road utility vehicles)
  • Golf Carts
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles

Limousines or oversized party buses (vehicles must be less than 20 feet long) are also not permitted due to the parade route turn ratios.  

Who is allowed in my vehicle?
Only members of the graduate's immediate household (COVID bubble) should be in the vehicle. Please adhere to all California driving laws. Every person in the vehicle must have a fastened seatbelt while in motion. 

Can my friends and/or family follow in another vehicle?
Only one vehicle is allowed per graduate. Guests from the same household unit may join a graduate in their one vehicle. Safety laws still apply (including vehicle maximum occupancy, speed limits, seatbelt laws, etc.)

Can I stop to greet faculty or staff along the route or to take pictures?
No. You must remain in your vehicle at all times and faculty/staff must maintain appropriate social distance from your vehicle.

Can I stop and exit my vehicle at any time during the celebration?
No. Participants must remain in their vehicle at all times.

Will general restrooms be available?
Restrooms will not be available along the parade route, so please plan accordingly.  This event should take less than 30 minutes to complete. 

Is it safe to participate in the celebration?
The safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests is our highest priority. We have coordinated with health officials to ensure that all safety guidelines and regulations are followed.

Do I have to wear a face covering while in my vehicle?
Graduates and guests are not required to wear masks or face coverings while in their enclosed vehicle, although may do so. However, any time windows are rolled down or you are interacting with staff (for instance during check-in) then masks will be mandatory.

Can I roll my windows down while on the route?
Yes. Vehicle windows may be rolled down. Masks are always encouraged when windows are down and are mandatory while interacting with staff and volunteers.



Vehicle decorating is highly encouraged:

Graduates are welcome, if not urged to display their excitement on their vehicles as they would their mortar board.

All are encouraged to join the conversation on socials at our hashtags. #CSUNGrad2020 #CSUNGrad2021