Name Verification and Ticketing Tutorial

A Commencement name verification and ticketing platform through Marching Order has been created for graduates to provide a professional way to both see and hear names as they are called out during each ceremony.  

Graduates will have received an email from initiating the creation of the ticketing platform. If you have not received this email, please contact us at and we will re-send the email.  Once an account is created, graduates will navigate (and complete) three sections including:

Section 1 - Name Spelling Information (including phonetics)
Section 2 - Name Recording
Section 3 - Ticketing out how you would like your name to be spelled and pronounced at Commencement.

NOTE: Any updates, changes, and modifications made to name spelling will be used for commencement ceremony purposes and not for the diploma.   

Please select each drop down below for additional information on navigating each section.

Section 1 - Name Spelling Information

  • REVIEW/REVISE NAME ON RECORD: Graduates will view their name we have on record and have an opportunity to make any corrections for commencement ceremony purposes only.
  • PHONETICS: Graduates will also fill out a phonetic spelling of their name; examples will be provided on the platform.

Section 1 Name Spelling Information graphic

Section 2 - Name Recording

  • RECORD NAME: Graduates may choose to record their name for our records. 
  • WHY? Marching Order will use the recording of your name to help professional name readers re-record your name for the actual ceremony.   


Section 2: Name Recording Graphic

Section 3- Tickets

  • CLAIM TICKETSUsing a drop-down feature, graduates will choose the amount of tickets they wish to claim up to a certain amount that has been identified by the University. Claiming your tickets can only occur during the open ticketing window which is through April 26th at 5pm. (for more information on how many tickets are offered, please review the 'IMPORTANT REMINDERS' drop down tab below.)
  • MORE TICKETS?: There will be a section to request more tickets (up to five) if they become available.  The commencement office will notify you by the first week of May if you will receive additional tickets. 
    Once selected and submitted, graduates can return to the homepage and print/email the necessary tickets. 
  • QUESTIONS ABOUT TICKETING?: Contact the Commencement Office by phone: (818) 677-2393, or by email: 


  • NAME VERIFICATION AND TICKETING WINDOW:  Open through April 26th at 5:00pm. 
  • CLAIMING TICKETS: Once graduates claim tickets within the ticketing window, they will remain in the graduates account through the ticketing platform till the ceremony occurs.  
  • WHEN WINDOW CLOSES: Graduates will still have access to the Ticketing Platform, but will not be able to make adjustments to their name, or claim additional tickets. 
  • PRINTING/EMAILING TICKETS: Claimed tickets on a graduates account can be printed/re-printed, emailed/re-emailed at any time.  
  • EXTRA TICKETS:  After the ticketing window closes, all un-claimed tickets are removed from graduates' accounts, and if available, are redistributed to graduates who have made an extra ticket request.  The commencement office will notify the graduates about extra tickets by the first week of May, and if made available, will automatically appear in the graduate's ticketing account.