Extra Ticket Announcement Update

Hello Graduates, 

This message is an update for all graduates that requested additional tickets through the "Name Verification/Ticketing Platform" via MarchingOrder. We appreciate your patience as we have been delaying this announcement so ensure all factors have been taken into consideration. We have been monitoring calls and emails sent to the commencement staff and we hope to provide context to the following announcement.

Unfortunately, there are no extra tickets available for this ceremony due to the venue reaching maximum capacity. However, we have a few alternatives:

  • TICKETS NOT USED: Asking classmates/colleagues/friends attending the same ceremony/time if they can give you tickets, they don't plan on using. Typically, everyone asks for the maximum number of tickets, but use 1 to 2 less than what they requested. 
  • STANDBY LINE: If a guest doesn't have a ticket to enter, they can certainly wait in a standby line should seats be available. Pending seat availability, guests waiting in the standby line will be escorted into the venue after the formal processional (graduate march) has concluded, which is when we can observe if there are available seats to use. The standby line be at the West Gate entrance. A map will be made available on the main commencement website for your convenience.  
  • TELECAST/BROADCAST ROOMS: There will be several auditoriums/rooms adjacent to the ceremony site which do not require tickets to enter.  These rooms can also be used to get out of heat/cold should the weather be uncomfortable to some populations.  The telecast/broadcast rooms will include: The Planetarium (near Citrus Hall), Nobbs Auditorium (SQ 104), Johnson Auditorium (by Jacaranda Hall), and others as needed. 

We understand this may not be the news you have been expecting, but we encourage you to use any of the alternatives as this is not the first year the venue has reached maximum capacity.

Please review the commencement resources to help you better prepare for this year’s Commencement. There you will find the Name Verification and Ticketing Tutorial which we strongly recommend for you to review. Questions about safety/COVID measures, parking, accessibility, etc. can be found on the resources page. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at or (818)677-2393.

Commencement Staff